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Posted by Harlan | Dec 08, 2018 @ 02:18 PM | 2,739 Views
12/8/ 2018 .....I've only been in this RC airplane hobby for about 14 years. I joined before I retired, so I would have something to do when I said goodbye to my job in plastics sales. Little did I know that I wouldn't be bored for lack of things to do. I golfed, fished, carved, traveled, had (have) a list of honey-do stuff, got into shooting handguns, gardening, and watched a lot of sports with seven grandkids. But now I think it's time to clean much of the airplane stuff out of my basement and garage.

I've been saying that I'll whittle things down to four or five airplanes, but which ones! My eyes are nowhere near the condition they were in just a couple of years ago, and I hurt in places now that didn't even hurt yesterday. I guess the years are catching up. I used to love wading a stream and searching for smallmouth bass with a flyrod or spinning gear. Much to my wife's chagrin, I did that at least twice a week and would be gone all day. The last time I tried wading a stream I was stumbling all over. Out of fear of drowning, I finally gave that up for the most part.

My current plan is to stop building because of my shakey hands, and to get rid of most of the planes that move fast because of my eyes. I tried a simple little Easy Star sailplane a few months back, and that seemed to be fun .... plus I could see it very well. As a result I bought a Radian sailplane last summer, and just finished putting that together. Unfortunately, those are electrics, and I dislike...Continue Reading