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Posted by AgoMago | Jan 12, 2015 @ 02:58 PM | 13,321 Views
Not news on S. Ambrogio Glider(se below)..but new works done during the passed summer!
Here is how I made an aerodynamic pod for my hand glider instrument.
The instrument is a Brauninger IQ Compeo+ (same as Flytech 6030)
I used the lost foam method with fiberglass and epoxy resin material.
A lot of photos..
Have fun
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Posted by AgoMago | Dec 12, 2012 @ 02:41 PM | 15,055 Views
Two month ago I ordered a new flex wing hang glider!
It will arrives at the end of January(maybe later!!)
I ordered a Wills Wing U2 145 mylar sail..
The upper sail will be dark gray mylar,the leading edge will be the same material(not showed on the sample added)and the double surface will be black dacron with a thin white line.

We will see

After the first flights I will add some photos every month and a link of month flights!
Happy Christmas to all of you!
Posted by AgoMago | Mar 21, 2012 @ 11:36 AM | 14,645 Views
Ohh I'm like a kid on Christmas day
I have a new toy in the garage!!!
Have fun
Posted by AgoMago | Aug 31, 2011 @ 06:35 AM | 17,046 Views

After using for a while the 808 little camera for hang glider videos I done some modifications to optimize it for that use .
Because of the low cost I bought a second one destinated at this project.

First I examined the advantages and disadvantages of that little camera and decided what to do:

-Low cost
-Low weight
-good film resolution for the money

-With the original battery only one hour of film when I was lucky
-No remote controll to decide when do a video recording or not.
-No enough wide angle for the use I need
-No camera support
-Date time stamp always displayed

After considering these factors I decide what to do.
I need a little box where I can easly screw a ball camera mount.
The box will contain the camera,a bigger battery and a wide angle lens.
Then I must come out of the box with some electrical cables used to controll the camera commands from the pilot place.

After a bit ‘of time of cad design the AgoHotBoxCamera was born.
The box pieces were cut with my CNC router from 1 mm thick g10 fiberglass plate.
Then they were glued together with epoxy glue .

I pulled out the battery and controls connections from the camera and inserted all components in the box.
I build some wire extensions for remote controls connected with electrical pins.

As wide angle first I bought a Jelly lens but after few films I realize it is not adequate because of poor quality of the glass….
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Posted by AgoMago | Sep 18, 2010 @ 06:54 AM | 23,246 Views
“S. Ambrogio” a 1938 Italian sailplane:
Last winter I plan to build a semi replica of a vintage wood sailplane.
As subject I chose a non often done Italian Glider of 1938 called S. Ambrogio and designed by ing. DellaTorre G.L.
As the real one was 10 meter wing span glider , at 1/3 scale, it will come out not a very big model but big enough to have good flying performances.
I start to build it last January and as planned it was a very slow time wood costruction.
In 8 month of slow working, I build only fin-rudder and stab-elevator..(slow time construction for me is less stress…anyway it shoud be a pleasure and not a forcing !!)
Now I do a summer stop and in fall I will start with wings.
Obviously I will update with photos and comments.
As usual few photos are better than a lot of words…
Enjoy them.
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Posted by AgoMago | Jul 01, 2010 @ 11:05 AM | 25,773 Views
Home made cnc mill:
Those are some photos of my home made cnc mill during construction and ready to work.
I use this machine to cut my own designed particulars for rc model airplanes and more since the end of 2006.(added also few photos of some particulares cutted with that machine)
No big comments , just some shots to inspire somebody to build their own cnc mill .
As you can see I used materials easy to find in my area and the machine came out nice with free movements and good precision in cutting dimensions.
I never cut metals but with wood , carbon fiber , glass fiber and formica I never had problems.
Have fun
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Posted by AgoMago | May 08, 2010 @ 07:32 AM | 28,198 Views
The story:

December 2009:
Last year I never made any model because another project take all my interest and time.
I was restoring a rigid wing hang glider bought in usa in summer 2008( ) .
The story begun in 2008 when I decide to buy a Millennium hang glider because I planned to sell my Silent glider at the end of 2009 and return on Hang Gliders
( ).
After a research in the net I found a couple of pilot decided to sell their millennium.
It was difficult to find one because only 54 were made in late 90s..
At the end I decide to buy one from NY state.
After a thousand of emails and papers…finally the glider arrived at my home in a big wood box.
As aspected the 10 years old glider was not in a good shape….well it was flyable but not in the conditions I wanted..
Anyway it was a 10 years old glider flown a lot by the first owner..
After a quick check I decided to test fly it and then I plan to fully check it..
Were in november 2008 when I done two flight from our usual place in Bassano, Italy
Second flight with the Millennium (2 min 37 sec)
I liked the tipe of flight (because I flown a Swift in passed and uses the same type of controls)
( ) and I had time to do the check with no hurry because of the Silent glider selling was planned for the end of 2009.
The chek of the Millennium started in April 2009 and from the few...Continue Reading
Posted by AgoMago | Apr 09, 2010 @ 10:56 AM | 29,362 Views
Home made vacuum pump:
I want to show how I made my cheap and functional vaccum pump .
After few different attempts I finally have a low cost but affidable pump to make all composite parts I need for model airplanes and more.
With the help of this pump I made few dlg bagged wings, and more particular composite pieces when I restored my Millennium hang glider.
Whole story:
1--My first pump was made only by a fridge pump, a depression indicator and a air tap.
This pump was economic and work well but…..
It can be used in two ways:
1)It can be used always in function and the depression can be registered by the tap to maintain the same value for the whole time necessary for the resin to catalize.
I do not like this because I must leave the motor pump working for several hours.
2)It can be used simply by reaching the depression wanted and switching off the pump,but this system need a very well made vacuum bag without any loss of air.
It is possible (I done it several times) but I never sleep with this thing in mind and I must be there to controll the depression instrument every 10 minutes because I do not want any surprises when it’s time to debag.
2--For those reasons I made my second pump with the addition of a home made vacuum switch .
I made it with a marmalade jar ,a spring and a micro switch connected to a relè .
It read the cap deformation of the jar under depression, and work very well.
The only cons was the little histeresis of the whole mechanism.
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Posted by AgoMago | Feb 28, 2010 @ 12:05 PM | 25,761 Views
This tool was originally born for my personal passion of balsa building technics and developed like a kit .
Then I realized some specialized factory sell similar tool at few dollars and my kit at that time has no sense .(my kit cost more than ready to use plastic one)
That’s why I decide to offer my tool design for free if somebody want to build their own.
This tool is intended for modelers who like to build their own istruments that helps to build better traditional balsa structure models.
The tool I speak about is a balsa stripper made with 1 mm G10 fiberglass plate cutted in several parts, glued with epoxy and equipped by few 3 mm screws , few 3 mm nuts and a normal cutter blade.
Added in PDF format you can find the construction manual made for it.
If you have any questions about it please contact me via PM.
Enjoy it.
Posted by AgoMago | Jan 31, 2010 @ 10:54 AM | 22,207 Views
Time ago I started on hand launch session a thread about my own design and I posted free plans of it.
It was a 80 cm WS sal glider made for fun flyers.
It was made with two wing layup versions:
SC is a scotch tape covered wing(easyer and quicker to make)
FG is a fiberglassed bagged wing(more rigid and perfom a little better than SC)
It is not competitive with 60" gliders but it is flyable everywhere(city park,little fields,big gardens).
If you make it at the right weight you can catch the smallest thermic you find in flatlands.
Enjoy it.