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Posted by tomkelley | Apr 29, 2016 @ 05:48 AM | 6,196 Views
This past Sunday I had a chance to participate in the first club contest of the year. It was my second ever DLG contest, my first with a newly acquired ship. I considered this day to be more of a chance to practice and learn how work thermals. I didn't fair too well in the contest, but I did learn alot. Often the guy timing me was able to coach me on how to fly thermals, I think the longest I managed to fly was for 3:15 despite breezy conditions all day. That flight was coached by my timer Steve, who won the contest for that day. At the end of the contest I got a chance to test my other newly acquired ship, and that turned out to be much better than the one I was using, I look forward to my next contest!!

Here are the results from the contest:
Final Results: (see attached for point totals and rounds)
1 Steve Martinez
2 Mike Wiz
3 Chris Parken
4 Sean Fidler
5 Ryan Ensminger
6 Scott Rhodes
7 Rick Wait
8 Barney Bauer
9 Larry Markey
10 Tom Kelley
11 Mike/Rick...Continue Reading