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Posted by chi chi | Apr 29, 2012 @ 08:54 PM | 3,170 Views
Purchased a120 SR 2 weeks ago.
Today i just busted my landing gear as I was distracted by my babe and hit the neighbors storage shed. Broke the left landing gear. It started as a beautiful early Sunday morning still is considering the learning lesson of distraction

Zr_FLyer had a Mod that I tried. Shrink tubing to reinforce the landing gear. I gave it try. Lets see how they hold up.
Posted by chi chi | Apr 25, 2012 @ 02:42 AM | 3,236 Views
Pilot Chi Chi's Log:

At LAST! evolved from the CX2 -----> DX6i------>Night Vapor----> BLADE 120 SR!

Now gota find good upgrades without going for the kaching-bling...
Posted by chi chi | Apr 25, 2012 @ 12:45 AM | 3,470 Views
3rd Lipo battery inserted. Elevator...check, rudder...check, throttle...check. I give it a toss with a bit of throttle, my night vapor gracefully hugs the night air. Tottaly satisfied with tonights flight. Reached between 200-300 in altitude and managed several awesome loops in dead calm seattle night sky. 11:40 pm and its brisk so i decide to bring it in....then I decided just ONE more turn around flight. And as I was comingin back in, I came too close to the high power line. Now my night vapor is hanging by the tail, LED's are brightly shining. A new reality sinks in .."that cost me 130 bucks".

YUP. I did it. managed to get it caught on the powerline. So I called the power company. I "cautiously" reported to the phone opperator that an RC Plane was stuck on the power line at this address. The phone opperator slowly said, "is this YOUR RC plane"? I paused "y e e s ss". I then began to appologize for flying too close to the powerline. He stopped me and began to say that if a crew were available to come and take it down, would I be there to recieve the RC plane or they can just drop it off at my house. I said that i would be waiting for them. I began to thank the phone opperator for dispatching a crew to MY house and save my Night vapor. He said, "Thank you for the entertainment value for the night, I've never heard of such a problem before", have a good night".

20 minutes later, the utlility company...Continue Reading
Posted by chi chi | Apr 22, 2012 @ 12:42 AM | 4,150 Views
Major upgrades these last 2 months.
Purchased :

1. Night Vapor
2. Spektrum DX6i

Being the nebulious that I am...anything new in the rc sport is AWESOMENESS!!

1. One things for sho, this is my first flyer!!

The Night Vapor is a very relaxing flight. Especially at night. Navigation is impressive using the LED's. At anytime, you can distinguish your direction in flight. I easily spend at least 1 hour of flying (yeeeeah SUPER fun) using 3 liPos. It's quiet, glides beautiful over tree's, performe loops on stock motor but you need enough speed to do this. I'm about to upgrade the prop to the "Champ" prop later this week. I hear you get a bit more power to perform stunts...I'll see.

2. Spektrum DX6i
Ooooh MAN! This transmitter roCKs! Read thru the manuel, watched every u tube video i could get my hand on explaining:

D/R & Expo
Travel Adjust
Pitch Curve
throttle Curve

I honestly didn't know this was going to be a highly customizable's SUPER pha-TAY! I have programmed at least 6 modles that i'm currently flying (on my Phoenix Sim of course, I wish I was rich so I can buy them all).

Maybe, one day....
Posted by chi chi | Feb 27, 2012 @ 12:56 AM | 3,562 Views
There it is, my avitar pic is a microheli bare main frame. after 2 seasons of stock coaxial flying on CX2 I bit the silver bullet and went crazy-go-nuts on upgrades. The only original parts left are the 2 serves and lower rotor head, gyro and the transmitter. this was a learning experience. After all the issues and rollercoaster emotions....I CAN HOOVER PEACEFULLYBABY!! more pics to come.
ima noobulious beginner...look forward to the transitions ahead;-]
chichi .