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Posted by orcas flier | Dec 22, 2012 @ 12:18 AM | 8,174 Views
I've been static testing a couple of 2200kv motors along with EMP and APC 6x4 props. Here are my results all with a 3s battery:

Generic 2212-6

EMP 830g thrust, 20.1A , 215W
APC 730g thrust, 23A , 245W


EMP 730g thrust, 17.5A, 178W
APC 630g thrust, 19.6A, 199W

I haven't bothered to do the calculations to see what the voltages are for each of these numbers AND I was feverishly writing down the numbers off my watt meter as quickly as I could and making my best guess as to the average as the numbers were jumping around.
I share this only to show what a striking difference I observed with this static test of two props with the same diameter and pitch with two motors of differing power at the same kv rating. I am most interested in the remarkable difference in static thrust between the two props.