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Posted by FireHawx | Dec 26, 2013 @ 09:09 PM | 6,888 Views
Well going for my second FB jet build (about 100 foamys under my belt). The build is strait forward but its not as easy as my GreatPlanes Phazer jet.. It built itself almost, just pulled it outta the box and walked outta my hobbyroon for a few and it was built...Ok back to the Viper. I am really stuck on the power set up. A 2W20 on 5S, Velocity 3200 5S, or the "boss" 1W40 6S. It seems all the video is of them crashing?? But it think that is due to "porkers" being built? Or is it those damn over-sized winglets,,,hmmmm. I just don't know? It don't have to be the fastest, it just needs to fly!
I will say for the price, it's a nice jet. A little heavier than it needs to be (I think). I see a lot of epoxy/glue running down the spine that could have been removed and I will remove some of the formers in the nose for weight reduction. I will be bungee launching, I don't know if I should use a catapult or just bungee. I guess I figure it out. I hope not the hard way
Well I have the tail coming together now. I will be running duel servos for the elevator, so I can have a powerful smooth response at the stick, ya know. I am still not committed to a fan/motor.(What can I say. I am having commitment issues, I am sure you guys can relate?! LMAO)
Posted by FireHawx | Sep 03, 2013 @ 08:54 PM | 6,969 Views
Ran my FF mirage this weekend. Bout three rounds into the flight and i am leaving a smoking trail. Quick landing saved the jet but i found my motor leads got so hot they were burning the foam!!!