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Posted by eagle60 | May 01, 2015 @ 05:16 AM | 9,247 Views
Few years ago I bought from HK a cheap 55mm fan unit, but it came with a brushed motor allowing 90 gr thrust only. Then I bought a 24 mm inrunner with 4400 kv, but everything has been laying in a drawer up to last year. In fact, having seen the performance of the F 22 & the F 15, I decided to go for a try with a fan model. The choice has been of an Su 35, whom resized plans are enclosed. they can be printed with posteriza previously supplied in 2 sheets high x 3 wide.
all is in 3mm depron except for the skids which are 6mm depron
The results have been :
- wing span 45 cm
- total wight 250-265 gr
- battery lipo 3s 800 mA 30 or 40 c
- thrust 450 gr.
The performance can be seen in the following video :

su 35 mini (2 min 51 sec)

that fan unit is no more available, but in its place any cheap 50/55 mm fan could be used

Having seen how it flyes and the thrust the fan provides, I could have made it 25% bigger and sooner or later I will make one like this. also for this case I enclose plans, which will have to be printed in 3 sheets high x 4 wide.