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Posted by eagle60 | Jan 07, 2015 @ 10:03 AM | 10,342 Views
In the same way as the F22 I made also an F15 but the batteries ar below the wings level thus, with the reduced elevon area, inibiting the spin manovre.
But anyway, as the F22, it has unlimited vertical climbing and discrete speed for such a small plane. furthemore it could be slowed down a lot working with elevetor and throttle. I find also that tonneau are very elegant.
Posted by eagle60 | Jan 07, 2015 @ 09:37 AM | 9,996 Views
A friend of mine found on this site the plans for the F22. He made it according to the size and specs of the plans and it was flying yes, but it was not a really good flyer. I really like the design of this plane, so decided to modify the project. plans have been resized and placed in an image that could be printed with posteriza program (wich I enclose below) in 2highx3wide A4 sheets and overall specs are:
basic materials : specified on plans
motor : SK3-2122-2100kv
esc : 10A
receiver : orange 6 ch naked with 2x9gr servos
propeller : camprop 4x3
battery : nanotech 3s 460 mA 25-40c
Flying weight . between 150 and 165 gr
The whole project (battery apart) was less than 40 euro (1=1.35$)
I suggest also to reinfoce where the elevon horn are fixed (see photos)
Performance is excellent, you have only to find proper throw for the elevon. I use for normal flying 10mm for elevator and 15mm for ailerons (taken at the longest tip of the elevon) and 30mm elevator and 30 mm ailerons only for the spin figure (it really makes a creazy one). I hope somebody could enjoy this project.
posteriza setting : no text - no border - 5mm page margin

I realise today (2019,june 15th) that the motor SK3-2122-2100kv is no more available. Main features are:
2-3s, 2100kv, 7A max, 63W max, 24gr.
nowaday there are many motors ( specially drone ones ) with similar features or even better that could be used in this project.