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Posted by nigelsheffield | Aug 25, 2017 @ 05:58 AM | 4,807 Views
My 2s bamboo skewers micro brushless at the park. Been waiting for a nice day like this and today was that day, had a lot of fun with this quad being so light and powerful and frugal with battery capacity.
And I think I'm getting better at flying slowly...
Bamboo skewers micro brushless 2s acro in the park on 400mah cells Silverised h101 6500k 1103 (5 min 59 sec)

Bamboo skewers micro brushless 2s acro in the park on 250mah cells hand catch! Silverised h101 6500k (4 min 41 sec)
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Aug 24, 2017 @ 06:09 AM | 4,738 Views
Bit rough with the wind and some wobbles with prop balance but it is not bad for a cheap diy micro out of bamboo skewers and toy FC with new acro fw on it.
Battery went too low and lvc kicked in hence the poor landing , I think the wind and my enthusiasm used more mah than usual.
2 cell lipo micro quad bamboo skewer brushless build with silverised h101 VERY windy day. (6 min 0 sec)

Posted by nigelsheffield | Aug 14, 2017 @ 02:48 AM | 9,948 Views
After the success of the 1s bamboo brushless quad ( ) which achieved good power and LOOOONNNNG flight times of over 12 minutes on a 350 mah one cell lipo I decided I would try similar build but this time use 2 cell lipo for a ton more power.

I will be using a silverised h101 toy quad board in acro with d shot 600 and a 6 amp 2s 4in1 esc along with 1103 6500kg motors and 3 inch props.

I've built the frames ( I will be making 2 , 1 will have a straight 2s ESC and the other capable of 1 to 3 s lipo for some experimenting with different setups .

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I made a notch for each arm to slot into each other for a flat top this time to make mounting FC etc level easier, still used a servo horn and epoxy and heat shrink for a strong and true join.
Motors will be mounted directly on the arms as previous build did the same and worked out well.

Next I need to fit motors and props and line them up to get level which took some fiddling last time...
Then will mount ESC and FC to make sure I have clearance for props..
I used the carbon frame in the picture to mark out motor holes before drilling , after drilling holes the arm is then sanded flat at the top with flat file and then a rounded file is used to make the scooped out bits being careful not to take too much out and weaken the arm too much.

I've been asked a number of times about the props used, they are these. 75mm DIY RC Quadcopter Spare Parts Blade Propeller Prop 2CW+2CCW
Camera is akk bs2 from here
Posted by nigelsheffield | Aug 08, 2017 @ 07:53 AM | 5,574 Views
Akk systems A5 split aio fpv camera review and some more whooping through tables/chairs etc.

I have recieved my akk A5 camera which allows the camera and vtx to be separated whilst still keeping the all in one simplicity and light weight.
Put it right on my whoop and flew it around the table chairs etc and I think the picture is just as good as the rest of my akk cameras ( which are all very good ) and the ability to mount the camera at the front and vtx at the back/top is a nice feature, it will also help on my bigger builds where is need the vtx to be further away from the control antenna.
First test of akk A5 split aio fpv camera on my whoop (3 min 29 sec)

Buy it here purchased at the time for around 10 which is a bargain but prices change as offers are changed so check often.
Some pictures of what you get in the box which came well packed with no damage.
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Name: IMG_20170808_122427.jpg
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