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Built this Star Wars™ K-2SO speeder bike some time ago, never flown due to not being the best pilot...yet / still learning. Hopefully later this year i have another 250 size quad for practising & fondling with iNav.

Props are for show. No idea how they will perform. I also have clear 5030 props. Might add LED's later. Top front panel is held with magnets for easy access to battery bay & receiver. I've used two top plates from zmr250's with 10mm standoffs in between as the midsection. The flightcontroller and esc are in between those two plates. Arms are standard zmr250.

K-2SO - Bandai
4X T-Motor F40 F40III 2306 2400KV
Betaflight - SPRacing F3
2x ZMR250 various parts + plasticard
Racestar 4x1 ESC - 20A I think
Balances perfectly with nanotech 3S1500mah.
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Here's one I designed and built/flew as an electric pusher and rocket glider in 6mm depron, this weekend I rebuilt one in 9mm which sacrificed some weight at the benefit of increased stiffness, flies great! 41" length, 25" wingspan, 15 oz rtf with 24mm E-6 and E-12 Aerotech rocket motors.

RC A-4B Winged V-2 rocket glider flight (0 min 49 sec)

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5 crazy ways to power your RC car (2 min 7 sec)

Here are 5 ways of powering your RC car. But take care, some of them are kind of crazy!
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

C-17 Transport 3-Axis Gyro RC Airplane review. This Cheap & Easy To Fly Boeing C17 C-17 Globemaster III Wingspan 373mm DIY EPP Radio Controlled RC Airplane review includes unboxing, assembly, flight & time tests.

You can get this C-17 Transport EPP DIY Aircraft 2 Channels 2.4Ghz Remote Control 3-Axis Gyro RC Airplane in UK here:

You can get this Boeing C17 C-17 Globemaster III Wingspan 373mm DIY EPP Radio Controlled RC Airplane internationally from here:

C-17 Transport 3-Axis Gyro RC Airplane review (15 min 29 sec)

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Episode 85: "Carl and Carl Jr." is now live!

In this episode, we talk about:
-Flex Innovations Night Super RV-8 (2:10)
-Flite Fest plans (19:31)
-The Cuda incident (23:35)
-Fitz's Regatta report (35:40)
-Fitz's RC submarine (51:00)
-Samano's Hobby (55:25)
-Lee at Lone Star Flight Museum (1:04:05)
-Stryker makeover (1:07:42)

You can visit our website at to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.

We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us a line here, our facebook page, or email: [email protected].
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Halloa guys

I got this super small lipo charger in from it's distributor.. It's even smaller then it looked in the photo's That makes it a handy charger to take with you for in-the-field charging

Link to it: ToolkitRC M6 - very small lipo charger

At this moment it's on pre-sale at BG...

ToolkitRC M6 150W lipo charger - it is SMALL :) - SHOW & TELL (23 min 4 sec)

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Needful Things - Dry Lubricant - Great for Gears, Linkages, Wheels, etc.

Here is a link to the Video:

I came across this item when I was looking for a way to extend the life of plastic & nylon gears on brushed motors and prop shafts.
The reason I like this stuff is that you can brush it onto the surface without wasting lubricant and it dries so it doesn't collect dust & dirt ;-)
It works very well and this is one of the items I always have on my RC Hobby Supplies shelf.
Since then I have found it work great on Control Linkages, Wheel Axles, Hinges, anywhere lubricant is needed and oil is not an option because of the mess and collection of dirt & grime.

Here is a link to this Item:
DuPont Non-Stick Dry-Film Lubricant with Teflon 4 fl. oz. Bottle

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

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Oh dear !
I really was afraid of this ..
Can't do sweet SPUDS all with mixing ..
Probably because of the auto stability built into the board .
As soon as you mix , servos stop working properly ..

BUTT ....
WL Toys 949 control board to the rescue ..
The board cant handle the XK brushed motor , just way - way to big a motor .
And around 80% throttle , the board shuts the motor down .

Solutions -
1) Smaller prop
2) Limit the throttle to maybe 70% max

Anyhow , the plan was to do the second wing with a 949 board and a much smaller quad motor ..
I guess there is plenty of time to remove the XK motor , not like its locked in or anything ...
Such is life ..
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working on custom pit mats , i should be able to do custom names and hobby shop logos , screen printed onto the material.

just unsure of what material i will be using . i have some yoga mat material now , trying to figure out how to get ink on to a textured surface properly right now.
i may go another route material wise ... still unsure.

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I started my heli education on RR. I also bought and dealt a few helicopters to some heli attics. =)
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 11:11 PM | 974 Views
Motor Install ..

A drop of glue , and a zip tie holds the motor in place ..
The foam cover is held in place with clear tape , as I want easy access - in case there need to be changes in thrust angle .

Control Board ..

Some knife work to make a hole for the control board ( Looks like a neat install - I might B getting better at this )
Not glued in , not until after some glide tests ..

Hard Part ..

The controls , yes this will be the tricky bit due to the design of the wing ...

Prop ..

The kit comes with a bag full of props ( 10 ) , and I found a screw that fits - so - Easy Peasy / Lemon Squeezy .

Part 3 / Problems
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Practicing taking off and landing This is my first RC airplane ✈️ and I am very pleased with this product. Already had some crashes and what’s great if you carefully pry the aileron servos from the wing i learned that they can be replaced with new servos , control horns and a aileron rod made out of piano wire or HZ sales the parts also, white duct tape is my best friend. LoL 😂 anyone else flying a AEROSCOUT and do you know what if any? Modifications that can be done? Thanks for reading my post and hope you enjoyed my rookie video
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2PCS KINGKONG/LDARC TINY WING 450X 431mm Wingspan EPP FPV RC Airplane Flying Wing Delta-Wing KIT from Banggood ..

A) Pictures look real nice on BG
B) Video seen so far , also look real nice ..
C) In the flesh , the 450x is not nearly as flash as in the pictures , but it still looks like a nice model .
D) The plan

I have a XK A800 flight board and motor ..
Plan is to surgically alter the 450x and transplant the XK A800 internals
Well ? Thats the plan !

The weight of the foamy bits , less everything else is just about BANG on 25 grams ..
Is that good ?
Honestly the brushed motor weighs a lot = 16.9 grams
TH e flight board is a sprite 'ly = 9.5 grams

Will see what happens ..

Part 2 - Motor / control board
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Since stricter regulations have been moving in on the hobby, I've been very interested in making a sub-250g HD build to keep my flights in the legal end of the spectrum. On top of that, I'm a bit of a sucker for budget builds, so I tried to make some conscious choices there, too. Thanks to some help from Banggood, I've finally got the chance to make that a reality!

Here is the build I've spec'd out, and why I've made the choices I did.

I wanted a decent frame for this build that would handle some abuse (because I suspect this quad is going to get flown a lot!). I also wanted to make sure it had a suitable protection for the components inside. I settled on the GepRC Gep-PX2.5 Phoenix frame. This frame has enough room for a three-high stack (ESC, FC and cam board) and a 3d-printed piece on the back that will handle the VTx mount, antenna mount, and tubes for the receiver antenna. As well, the aluminium brackets for the camera mount should provide plenty of protection for the camera itself.

GepRC Gep-PX2.5 Phoenix

Control Stack:
For the flight controller stack, the choice was fairly obvious. I went with the Diatone Mini Mamba. This stack has been around long enough to prove itself, and it's done a fine job of that. The layout works great, it comes with all the wires you need (including a capacitor!) and the price isn't beat by any other product.

Mamba F405 mini mk2

For 2.5 inch props, I think you're looking at a minimum of 1105...Continue Reading
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Rocket RC car (1 min 3 sec)

Here is a crazy mod for my 1/10 touring car :-)
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Hi, can anyone help on where to get a battery for an sg906? Three times I've tried from China but cant get one delivered. Please.........any help out there?
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I should know better by now not to fly when I'm tired. After more than 460 flights on my 95" Extra 330SC-E I finally buggered up a landing so bad yesterday that I expected some serious damage to the airframe. It was 95 F with light winds and clear skies, but I caught a bit of updraft on the approach as I came over the end of a cornfield with stalks about 6 feet tall. The black geotex runway must have been generating some thermal activity as well. The plane wasn't descending as it normally does, even with power at idle.

I didn't notice how slow the plane was getting until it was too late. By the time I started to advance the throttle the left wing stalled and immediately fell. The plane dropped out of the air from about 5 feet up, came down on the left wing tip and smacked down hard on the landing gear. That was the first tip stall I have seen on this plane, and I practice stalls on every flight (for IMAC). This is not a design issue. I was drifting to the right side of the runway and must have applied some left rudder to stop the drift. After careful inspection I found no damage. This is a very strong airframe!

After swapping out batteries I got right back in the air and flew the same approach. This time I kept the nose down through the updraft, then brought it back to level once over the runway. I ended up landing midway down the runway, but I greased it in just above stall speed, so the rollout was completed before the end of the 600' runway.

I got off easy this time. Don't get complacent on landings!