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Posted by EmeraldMilkshake | Aug 11, 2019 @ 02:19 PM | 1,098 Views
I was never really good at math, and after reading a bit about LiPo batteries on Google I realized my current electrical knowledge won't be enough to get me through the second airplane project (which would be building a ラジコンフォーム滑空機). These batts seem to have a lot of little "usage rules" and lots of math formulas, soldering, and electrical circuitry involved. That's why I decided to direct my research at that completely, but even so, I'm so dumb in regards to mathematics that I'm having some serious trouble understanding the basics of that. Next week I'm starting a crash course on electricity so that I can learn the basics to get on with and fix some stuff around the house without having to pay for it.
Posted by EmeraldMilkshake | Aug 01, 2019 @ 05:36 PM | 1,641 Views
I'm not much of a gamer, in fact, there is just a small selection of games, titles, and genres that are truly appreciated here. The airplane combat simulator genre (I have no patience whatsoever for non-combat simulation of anything) is rightly among the favorites. Not only you need a lot of skill that takes a lot of time to develop, but it also requires knowledge of various aspects of aviation itself. Back in 2009 when the プレイステーション3 was still a thing, I enjoyed playing IL2 Sturmovik. The game eventually got outdated and I ended up moving to War Thunder (though now there's not nearly as much time to play it as there used to be). Recently, it feels something is lacking though. Maybe all those years doing the same thing took their toll - I want to try something different for once (while still keeping myself in the fly zone, of course). Getting a pilot license is actually doable now, but buying and maintaining a plane is completely out of question. The closer that I can get to that would be an FPV airplane it seems. This is clearly a long, long road and it'll surely take me years to get to the point that I can fly one of those while holding all the knowledge and skill that it'll take to do the thing properly. On late July 2019, I have started my never-ending research that hopefully will carry me through this overcomplicated journey to sass my boredom.

Early August 2019's resolution~
Initial plan:
Learn the basics > build a plane > learn how to fly > build a FPV plane > learn how to fly again > ...
Estimated completion time (considering the currently available free time): 5 years