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Posted by aMax | Feb 23, 2015 @ 12:12 AM | 8,907 Views
First attempt Open Pilots CC 15.01.......second Cleanflight 1.71.... and magic smoke...

Regulator on the breadboard gave up......full power at the rail....

Edit: Now second CC3D , MAG repaired, OLED repaired and Cleanflight 1.81...nice, even with that 2200mAh brick on top.

Edit: R615X changed for a S603 receiver hoping to gain more reserves at longer
range. Failsafe at 1200 worked pretty good with a well balanced (CG) quad. Just decending, completely leveled. In the meantime the reception was back again and the flight continued.

Edit: This simple mag module ( picture of the bread board) works quite well velcroed to the upper cam, no deviation at any rpm.....
Checked with the HC-05 and a notebook.
First test, switching mag on at hover, landing, turning the quad to the opposite direction and hitting the throttle,.... she jumpes up,
turns to the prior direction and hovers. Now the GPS will be attached the same way on the lipo and we will see how it works.

If it's ok, the cc3d is to be exchanged for a Flip32+ ( baro)......

Notice: ...vlcsnap00124 was taken with an Orange R615X at LOS flight...the Storm S603 is not better........with the newer Deviation code.
and this rx has two antennas and LNA...

Dropped all DSMX stuff and turned to Frsky.... range problems anymore.

Nice telemetry even with a cheap DIY rx ( F802 /PWM/PPM/ non inverted SBUS)


Added some pictures of the "Frsky" gang,,,

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