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Posted by ebayrcer | Nov 26, 2006 @ 12:53 AM | 3,574 Views
I too have now had the experience of flying my plane into a treetop, as is pretty common (judging by the many posts on this subject on RCGroups). I was flying my EZ* on Thanksgiving morning, showing my father-in-law how it flies. During the flight, he said, "This is something I really think would be fun to get into." It sounds like we have yet another Easy Star fan in the making. Following, is a detailed account of how we finally got it out of the tree. Pictures will follow sometime later.

Thursday (11/23)
I had just finished about a 5-8 minute flight, and was bringing her in to land. I made some hard bank turns in order to quickly lose some altitude and was coming around for the lineup to land. Everything looked pretty smooth, then all of a sudden, it just stuck in the very top of a tree about 50 feet up in a tree line at the end of the street. I misjudged my distance (depth perception was a bit off) and planted it inverted in a network of branches. We had to leave for my sister's house (to eat some turkey, etc). Fortunately, the weather conditions were absolutely favorable (no rain, warmer temperatures). I left it there, hoping that the wind would blow it down into the large empty field behind the treeline. Thanks to the wind, the plane shifted three times, and ultimately, probably aided our efforts.

Friday (11/24)
(There's a picture of the plane stuck in the treetop at the bottom of this post - click on it to show an enlarged view)

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