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Posted by Nikolei Zinsli | Jul 22, 2015 @ 08:07 PM | 31,384 Views
6 months ago I picked up the boxes from Tim and stuffed the 8' fuselage box into my Durango. It almost didn't fit! Other projects that needed completing and a big move from Michigan to North Carolina in June kept this pretty thing in its' box until now. Officially started this on the 19th.

Even though the directions start with the fuse, the wing box was convenient and in the that's where I started.

The covering was in excellent shape, so I just ran the iron over all seams and edges. A couple very small bubbles came out with no problem. An interesting detail I noticed, they covered the leading edge of the wings with 1/2" of clear instead of leaving the top/bottom edges exposed to gas & oil. Nice!

Control horn and servo install was simple and easy, with no surprises when following the manual. I decided to try Gorilla Glue that I always hear raves about, but didn't realize the one I got was the epoxy, not the expanding glue. Ohh well, should work just fine. Using Savox 1270tgs with 2" MaxxProd Red Aluminum arms all around. I decided to put the ailerons in the 1.5" hole to give mechanical advantage to the servos. It still has plenty of throw, and if it rolls anything like the 56, I won't be needing max throws for my average skills.

Next up, elevator servos!

Project time: 4 hours