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Today's Test - Even worse.... seems the FC is getting worse every flight.

2019 0818 RAW BetaFPV HX100 Yaw/Roll Wash Out Issue GETTING WORSE (3 min 40 sec)

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with this problem. I have a new Mobula 7 v2 that does not bind. I have a Jumper t16 using external rf that will not bind to Mobula. My other quads bind fine with jumper. I am using the proper protocol for frsky d.(spi rx support). I did not flash or change anything in betaflight. The one thing I saw that did not look correct is I have no uart in ports tab. I only have one line and that is USB VCP.
I'm still new with hobby and am struggling on troubleshooting. Thanks
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The attached PDF document describes how to build an IOS/QGC portable ground station.
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I liked the way the vagabond looked and flew, so i built another one - scaled up 50% to 112" span.

It is covered in doped chiffon over a mylar type film just like my 75" version, only I wanted a red one. The cerise red looked nice on the web so I sent for that. Its not so much red as pink but on the model it looks good and when the sun shines thru the frame on low flypast, you can really appreciate it.

It came out heavier than planned - used old balsa stock which was heavy - and CG came out about 50% with either 2 of 3000 3 cell or a 5000 4 cell lipos. The 3 cell gives about 500W while the 4 cell takes the emax 2826.06 motor up to 700W on a 14 x 6 zinger prop. I fly it on about 400W.

Some photos below with details of the model in the build log here

Photos include one showing breakdown of the wings for transport. 1/4" carbon rods used as joiners, the central ones going thru the fuselage so no rubber bands on show except for thin ones holding on tailplane.

The maiden flight was on a windy morning but I needed a proving flight before going to a flyin. Mick Butler took the video, seen here.
Johns Vagabond SNR Maiden (7 min 26 sec)

Enjoy - PS, its still got a bit of a dutch roll despite increasing the fin area 10%
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This is my H-King Flycat 70mm EDF Jet Maiden Flight Review.

HobbyKing H-King Flycat 70mm 12-Blade EDF Jet Maiden Flight Review (4 min 37 sec)

- The HobbyKing Flycat feels rock solid while handling it
- It has a Beautifully vibrant color scheme
- Lots of power from the 70mm EDF Fan unit
- Rock solid ball link connectors
- Quick and easy assembly and radio setup
- Optional Retracts via foam cutouts
- It takes the same batteries I use in my E-flite Viper

- No RC Plane lights
- Any plane that requires glue gets a con from me, but it really was very easy & intuitive.

Link to plane:
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The EC1500 is the best engineered foamy I have had. The parts fit perfectly and it all works. Total time for unboxing and programming took me just over 3.5 hrs. Here are some notes:

The ESC has a blue EC5 (90 amp) connector. The Addendum recommends an adapter. I already had an adapter to convert the EC5 to an XT 90 yellow plug to mate with a 4000 65C Graphene Turnigy pack with a black XT 90 connector.

I used a blank model in the the Acro type and named it EC1500. I used an extension bind cable and used forceps to insert it into the 636 receiver port. After inserting the bind plug and plugging in the 4S pack I did not get a blinking LED on the receiver. I pushed in the connectors to the separate BEC and got a blue light on the BEC and flashing RX LED. I checked all the other plug connections to make sure they were seated correctly. I removed the bind plug and bound my DX9 TX to the RX. It bound standing 5 ft away and I could see the plastic elevator “stubs” move full up when I put the fuselage down into a dive. The ramp/door opened up and was hitting my fuselage stooge. I found out that the default switch is A. Position 1 is open and 0 is closed. So make sure your fuselage holder is clear of the ramp. I later put the Ramp/door switch on switch C (Chan 5) and set the speed to 3 seconds for 0 /up, 1 level, and 2 down. Custom voice for position 0 is “Door Closed”. Position 1 is “Door Open”. Position 2 is “Bombs Away”. NOTE: The Airforc/Coast Guard...Continue Reading
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I went to the one held by the San Antonio area’s Tri-City Fliers at the Old Kingsbury Aerodrome.

I ended up spending my time hangar flying with a lot friends I haven’t seen in a while. That’s OK....Continue Reading
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Finally, my FunRay on the slope!

Multiplex Funray, slope maiden at Vallda Sandö Kalven. 11 m/s WSW (2 min 7 sec)

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Did my first live stream the other day!! Mad shout outs at the end!! Should i do more?
First live stream a day in the life of reckless (36 min 58 sec)

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We have plenty of backstock of GWS props. All new and came from PM me if you want any. See the attached PDF for our full inventory. Shipping is $7....Continue Reading
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This is my H-King Flycat 70mm 12-Blade EDF Jet Unboxing & Review.

H-King Flycat 70mm 12-Blade EDF Jet Unboxing & Review (5 min 38 sec)

Hobbyking EDF Jet Review Notes:

- The plane feels rock solid while handling it
- It has a Beautifully vibrant color scheme
- Lots of power from the 70mm EDF Fan unit
- Rock solid ball link connectors
- Quick and easy assembly and radio setup
- Optional Retracts via foam cutouts

- No lights
- Any plane that requires glue gets a con from me, but it really was very easy & intuitive.

Link to plane:
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Please find my blog here:
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Good afternoon
I’m looking for Great Plane spare part:
Folding propeller gpmq 1690
Is any one know here to find this ?
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After a long absence, I spend an entire day last weekend getting re-acquainted with my Renny and Supra Electric gliders. This after 6 years of not flying, I was even considering selling off my RC equipment.

I am glad to didn't, I still love this hobby!

After reviewing my equipment and determining serviceability, I upgraded my 8 cell transmitter battery to a 1C LiPo 3 cell, which fits inside my Futaba TCAP10. This will be a welcome change to be able to fly an entire weekend without worrying about transmitter batteries!

Now an update from the past, and part of the reason why I stopped flying for all those years. On Saturday, 2/16/2013 at El Dorado State Park in Long Beach, I lost my AVA Electric. I was downwind on final and lost complete control, ended up in a tree, then falling out and damaging the wing and snapping the tail boom in half. Guys at the field said winds on final can get tricky. Personally, I do not think that was it, and not for sake of my ego as a pilot. I remember the airplane not responding to any of my commands. Like a frequency hit. I know its' a tough argument to make using Futaba FAAST 2.4 Ghz. I never really did a post-crash analysis of the debris. There could be many possibilities, including receiver battery got too low.

UPDATE: Just looked at the damage after all these years, (still painful) the stabilizer surfaces and linkages are completely intact, only the elevator pushrod is bend due to impact.

But one thing sticks out in my mind, on final,...Continue Reading
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DustOff #5 - Glue & Fly Series F22 Micro V2 - Let 'er Rip ;-)

Here is a link to the Video:

Finally some calmer wind to fly in ;-)
Wind this morning was only 3-5mph, Yeah!

The skill level needed for this Micro Parkjet is Intermediate to Advanced.
Intermediate setup is a 2S Power System with 10 points more Dual-Rate than on a 3S Setup.
Advanced setup is a 3S Power System.
It's very docile on a 2S Power System, Fast & Acrobatic with a 3S Power System.

The "Glue & Fly Series" F22 Micro V1 Plans are available for Patrons & Subscribers!
To get a copy of the Plans send and email to [email protected]
In the Subject enter: "Glue & Fly Series" F-22 Micro V1 Plans
I will send them to you via email as soon as I can.

Here are links to the components:

Racerstar Racing Edition BR1407 3500KV 2-3S Brushless Motor

Emax ES9251Ⅱ Upgrade Version 2.5g Plastic Micro Digital Servo

TURNIGY Plush 10amp Speed Controller w/BEC

GemFan Bull Nose 3545 GRP/Nylon Propellers CW/CCW Set Green (2 pairs)

Turnigy nano-tech 460mah 2S 25~40C Lipo

Turnigy nano-tech 450mAh 3S 65C Lipo (E-flite Compatible Blade 180CFX EFLB4503SJ30)

OrangeRx R610V2 Lite DSM2 Compatible 6CH 2.4GHz Receiver w/CPPM (Version 2)

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

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