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Started on this one week or so back....but this time decided to cut the wing on my CNC machine, so I guess this will be Rev 3.0
Posted by newelectro | Today @ 05:30 PM | 29 Views
Vista repaired ready for test flight puy turnigy D3536/8. 1000kv motor. Had to reverse shaft on motor also hobbyking 45mm spinner with 12x8 prop.
Will have to check amps running 3s lipo. Have 30 amp esc may have to put limit on throttle.
Posted by LemonC | Today @ 04:58 PM | 66 Views
I had the day off and planned on flying a lot... My Session decided it was a good day to lock up on me so i decided to use that best buy warranty i had going on...

Cost me more than i expected buy i walked out with a Hero 7 Black special white edition.

My tune was no good after the new Hero mounts were printed up, gave it a few goes, and i decided instead of starting over on betaflight 3.3 or something really old, i 'd just go ahead and update my firmware to 4.0.

First flights were no good, but i knew there was a different tuning method i needed to review first. watched some videos and ive pasted the freestyle cli changes recomended on the betaflight 4.0 wiki .

I also reduced the stock idle up percentage bc 5.5 seems way too much. giving it a go after work!
Posted by CorvetteC5 | Today @ 04:26 PM | 42 Views
I discovered this jewel of a wing design on February 12, 2019 when Harri Pihl shared it on in a new thread. Find it at this link:

It is a 3-channel design with only 3 parts! The videos of it flying looked cool and lots of indoor RC fun. Plus, it fills my interest in building a wing that is indoor friendly and could fly with a coreless motor turning a GWS2508 propeller directly!

The build was indeed a quick 3 days from February 24th to 27th, 2019. I worked from the plan that is included in my attachments. It is intended to be printed on A4 size paper but my printer does a smaller 8.5 x 11 inch. When I printed the plan to the largest scaling, the fuselage profile resulted in a 18cm wing cord! Doubling this got the wingspan. Which I converted to 14.5 inches, versus metric units, since I only have a short 15cm ruler!

I cut thin foam for the wing, and didn't like the cupping that was there so I cut a 2nd wing out of 1/16" balsa wood. This was scrap balsa pieces glued together edgewise. I'm pleased with the look now. There was a small weight gain, so I still used foam for the fuselage and fin to minimize this gain, and for a nice contrast in looks.

The resulting shape of my AD/HD delta wing looks very slick!

The specifications are:
Wingspan: 14.5 inches (36.8 cm)
Weight: 32 grams with 250 mah lipo
Materials: 1/16 inch balsa wing, foam meat-tray fuselage, foam carry-out food-...Continue Reading
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Phoenix 2000
Phoeniz 2000 Trim41619 (18 min 7 sec)

Posted by jmxp69 | Today @ 11:10 AM | 264 Views
Hey Guys,

I put together an unbox video for the Freewing Hawk in case you're interested in the plane.
Freewing BAe Hawk 70mm EDF Unbox (15 min 56 sec)

Posted by newelectro | Today @ 10:46 AM | 127 Views
Excalibur (13 min 19 sec)

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One of the first RC models I built was my Star Wars Imperial Speeder as seen in The Empire Stikes Back during the speeder chase on Endor. It was based on a Hasbro model that I fitted quad parts to. It just flies great and gets so much attention.

Once I started making models for Phoenix it was obvious that I need one of these too.

Having finished the Imperial Scout version I then needed a protagonist too so I made the Luke Skywalker version. OK, his body is really that of Anakin Skywalker but still looks the part.

Then of course, I needed both of them together with Luke chasing the Scout Trooper, Light Sabre drawn and ready for action! Luke is not messing around this time! No matter how the Trooper twists and turns, Luke is always right on his tail and tries to cut him off but no avail. That is controlled by the rudder.

On the individual models, Luke and the Imperial Scout also respond to the controls. Heads turn, arms either work the control panel or wave. The legs are articulated and depress the pedals which control the rear engine flaps.

The control panel was constructed as a separate item in Blender and is then applied as a texture to reduce rendering overheads. Well, I had to do something to live upto my new nickname: Dr Detail! (Thanks for that Armin)

Derived from SketchUp models as follows: Star Wars Speeder by ap-alexander, Imperial Trooper by abdyla, Skywalker by Carl U. and Brian W.

Each are available to download here.
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Event planning for 2019!

So far the only RC event I have been to in 2019 was the excellent Weatherford Swap Meet hosted by the WAMS club, in March. I have been heavily involved in the two SAE Aero Design events that were held March 8-10 in Fort Worth and April 5-7 in Van Nuys, CA.

Currently planned for 2019:

Warbirds over Benbrook on May 11. Fort Worth, TX.
SMALL in Little Rock, AR, May 30-June 2.
Warbirds over Texas, June 8-9. Aubrey, TX
FW Thunderbirds Summer Float Fly, Aug 4 Lake Worth, TX.

Will firm up events after early August as they get a little closer.

Hope to make a few more events not listed as schedule allows.

REALLY looking forward to retiring in August of 2020. Planning on attending a bucket list of RC events around the country after then, that my limited vacation time has never allowed to date.
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This is the conversion of my "C17 C-17 Transport 373mm Wingspan EPP DIY RC Airplane RTF" from the stock 2-channel motor-differential control to Spektrum 'brick' 3-channel control with throttle, rudder, elevator. It was started on September 20, 2017 and completed on December 12th, 2017.

Word from the main thread at:
is that this offering flies very well as designed with gyro stabilization. With the main limitation of a larger turning diameter making it tough to fly indoors in smaller venues like the basketball court sized gym I have access to. Thus my interest in and electronics upgrade of this model! And the finished result looks fantastic and flies very smooth. See video, below.

How the story unfolded:
I started building my micro C-17 by splitting the fuselage into two halves as shown. I hollowed out each half with a Dremel tool and stone grinder, leaving about 1/4 inch wall thickness. Noticeable weight savings of maybe 1/3. However much that is.

Road not taken: I'll probably install the RX and TX from the Horizon Hobby Duet initially. This will maintain the differential thrust, gyro stabilizing, and add elevator control. I have had issue with the gyro drifting during flight with this Duet brick, so if I still hate it for the C-17 then...
Road taken: ....I'll install a AR64xx brick with AS3X. Since I have that handy too.
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Crazepony 4.35v HV 1s 650mAh LiPo Battery review. This review of these Crazepony 650mAh 1S 4.35V HV LiPo Batteries with JST-PH 2.0 PowerWhoop mCPX Connector for Inductrix FPV Plus 75mm Frame Kit Micro FPV Drones includes unboxing, inspection & flight tests with an Emax Tinyhawk on an indoor racetrack,..fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

You can get these Crazepony 650mAh 1S 4.35V HV LiPo Batteries in uk here:

You can get these Crazepony 650mAh 1S 4.35V HV LiPo Batteries Internationally from here:

Crazepony 4.35V HV 650mah 1s Lipo Battery review (11 min 56 sec)

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スロットルをさらに上げると、横舵の下げる力が強く&#...Continue Reading
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Name: 【HD】日本軍の極秘潜水艦-Japan's-Secret-Weapon-part8.mp4_20170922_124541.jpg
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Size: 97.4 KB

Name: 01DSC_0548.jpg
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Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 11:32 PM | 347 Views

Sent for review by

Control Surfaces &

Mini Surfer 800 from (1 min 47 sec)

The short of it is , the Mini Surfer 800 is ready to play the CG game ! ( Check out the video )

Vertical fin and horizontal stabiliser ( Rud / Ele )
I glued these in place with foam safe cyno ..

Controls /

Ailerons - you need to cut them free as they are ever so slightly moulded in place . Also they are some what stiff , so you may want to take a knife and cut the hinge line 30% to 50% to release some tension .
Elevator - same as above ..

Control horns .. Bush league .. They be the press together type , some glue wont hurt .
Control rods - again bush league .. ( See pictures )

With everything connected

Just check direction of travel - I had to reverse everything .
With my set up Ch4 is another Aileron Ch .. This means I can do flaperon at a later date ..

Ch1 - Aileron
Ch2 - Elevator
Ch3 - Throttle
Ch4 - Aileron

As mentioned this will be a 2s Bird . Thrust is nice and almost 1:1 with a 2s 850mAh battery ..
CG is too far back , so most likely will need a larger ( heavier ) battery .
I only have the 5x3x3 props , though I did order 2 pair of 5x4.5x3 .. ( Who knows when they will get here ? )
So the potential is there for more thrust when the new props get here ..

I did run the Mini 800 on the ground and it is accelerating ( in the back yard ) , so I dare say I wont be lacking power for...Continue Reading
Posted by legacy_micro | Yesterday @ 10:00 PM | 283 Views
Took a minute but this should get you up and runnin'. I'll mess with the other pins in the future...
Posted by zoltansgarage | Yesterday @ 09:28 PM | 296 Views
Its just a little rough.
Posted by zoltansgarage | Yesterday @ 09:23 PM | 297 Views
This is the 14 inch tug hull pulled out of the silicone.