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Specification and Parameters:
Output power: 25mW
Input power: 3.25.5V
Current consumption: 640mA-330mA(25mW)
Camera resolution: 600TVL
Video system: NTSC
Field of view: 120 FOV
Sensor: 1/4" Color CMOS
Video Format: AVI
Recording Resolution: VGA @ 30fps
Micro TF Card: Max 32GB
Operating Temp: -10 ~ 60 degrees C
Frequency: 5.8GHz 6 bands 48 channels,
with Raceband: 5325-5945 MHZ
Size: 22*20mm(L*W)
Weight: 5.8g

Recording Function:
Install TF card first, max 32GB TF card supported.
Press button 1 start recording, R3 will keep flashing
while recording.
Press button 1 again to pause recording, recorded videos
will be saved to TF card automatically and R3 will stop flashing.

Notice: Each recorded video will be within 10 minutes.
After that, a new round of recording will be started automatically.

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Microshark 22".
Foam core, 1/32" sheet, 3/32" elsewhere, no glass.
1306, 4000kv quad motor
2-4s 300mah.
88 grams empty vs 240g for the 28.5"
Flies great!
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When building the ribs, I mounted the servos with screws and glued them on plywood rails at an angle. The idea is that the servos must be perpendicular to the control horns to work correctly. The control horns were cut from the clear cover of an Apple iPhone earplug box. I cut them out with my rotary drill. I sanded them and painted them with Testors aluminum (dull silver) paint.

In this set, you'll notice that I've glued metal beads down the tops of the ribs. On the original wings, there are these beads just under the skin. It's like they are clamps or U-shaped staples of sorts holding down some kind of wire or line running down the tops of the ribs. My concern is that they'll melt through Monokote when the covering is ironed on. I plan to test it. The little metals beads were found on a 2 pound exercise cuff that my wife used. It had "runs" in them like a women's hose that dripped these tiny pellets. And they worked perfectly if they won't damage the covering.
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I now have 5 brushless quads 3" and smaller and none of them have good battery straps. I'm always jealous of the Airblade UAV straps Nick Burns has in his videos but the shipping outside of Canada and the US is not flash. BG are now selling several straps that fit, are inexpensive and have free international shipping. More details in my brief tips and tricks review:


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Its been a while since I put up a DIY electonics blog post. I live in Canada so I try to spend my summer outdoors. This next one took me a little while to get right, I made the first revision around June of this year and made a mistake with my original schematic. I built the board and programmed it and everything seemed to work but I could not get a motor to spin up. Thinking this was a software problem I then devoted the next two months adjusting and tinkering with startup parameters and motor profile settings.. It was not a software problem. I had completely screwed up the op amp gain resistors circuit and no amount of changing settings would fix that. A sharp knife and some small wire did fix my problem and after that i was able to get a motor spinning.
I haven't tested much yet but this is a stripped down simplified version of the "steval-stspin32" demonstration board. It has the same pinout for the user keys and potentiometer and the firmware example will run on my board without much modification. I did have to play around with dead time and pwm and foc rates to make my board run and start up stable.
I used the bull running 1700 kv motor that came in another nucleo kit because the motor was already profiled. If using an unknown motor you will have to create a new profile for that motor and recompile the firmware. That's the problem with FOC. You can't just hook up an unknown motor.. and profiling a motor is not a simple thing.

I will include the gerber and diptrace files again like my other posts also a working firmware binary for the bull running 1700kv motor. There is a lot of potential for this little chip as it contains the gate drivers, voltage regulators and mcu all in one. The stspin32f0A is probably a better choice for rc as it has a wider voltage range ( down to 2s lipo).

Simple FOC speed control board using stspin32f0 (1 min 13 sec)

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JJRC H67 Flying Santa Claus Quadcopter Review and Flight Test (9 min 58 sec)

The kids and I are having a lot of fun with this one.
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I got this nice MiG-21 as an airframe only kit for $249 from MRC :


I plan to install my own power setup, an FMS 80mm inrunner fan, as described here:


The main reason is that the FMS fan is a lot lighter than the stock (or even non-stock) FW fan plus it has a better inrunner motor.

I have the same setup in the A-4 Skyhawk and it works really were there, no need to change anything

The paint scheme will the Russian aerobatic one, red on top and silver on the bottom. More or less the same scheme I have in my scratch-built MiG-21 105mm edf:


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Writing and maintaining this blog to hopefully serve as a POV from a Noob customer who has built many EF planes across all available sizes except for 9X. If you are new to 3D and looking at EF, or considering certain planes, this may help you.

First to be clear, I am a big fan. EF is a great company that makes some of the best performing 3D planes across all sizes, so congrats, you can’t go wrong buying EF!

Selecting Your First Plane:

Tip 1: if you are new to 3D, start with a 60 Electric, especially a 60 Edge. The undercarriage seems to be built to take a hammer hit, and you will likely have more than your share of bad landings if you are new to 3D. Smaller size planes are cheaper but they will break more easily. And unless you have great repair skills you will compound your challenge.

Tip 2: If you are not comfortable with or cannot afford a 60 electric or you know your 3D skills are really really Nooby, go with something like a Twisted Hobbys 43 Veloxity. It’s airfoiled well, is a small enough size to fly at smaller fields, and repairs will be easier and cheaper. Ofcourse you can start with something like a 32 inch MXS-C from Twisted Hobbys to get your stick movements in the right direction and coordinated but it will not transfer well to balsa. The 43 inch Veloxity is more than half way there.

Ordering Parts for a Plane:

Tip 3: Don't blindly use the order configuration on the EF website. For two reasons. First its not always right,...Continue Reading
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This video is going to show how to calibrate your esc using your transmitter just click on this
How to calibrate your ESC (1 min 9 sec)

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Latest build im working on.
Frame - GepRC Sparrow
FC/esc - HGLRC XJB F428 - TX20
Camera - HGLRC Elf cam
Motors - EMax 1306 3300kv
Props - are on the way - geprc sparrow props 3042, as well as gemfan flash 3052 and some lumineer and rotorX props on the way as well.

All parts came from gothelirc.com during thier Black Friday sale. Super quick shipping ord red Friday and received Monday. But just now getting to start building. I live this kit so far it's super simple to build but the solder points are small. I'm not the greatest solderer but it's going smoothly. More to come!

Edit: for some reason I can't upload pics. But I will as soon as I can.
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Well, it is getting cold and the build season starts. This is the new project!
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Don't mistake this BabyHawk for its previously released namesake. This version has power, Foxeer ccd cam, buzzer, osd, a fancy canopy and replaceable arms. This beauty is a bit on the heavy side for a micro keeping the flight times a bit low, making a quality battery all that more important (batteries linked below video).

BabyHawk R - EMAX - 2inch front runner? (22 min 8 sec)

Note: Not tuned, but rather "input" from pilots..

BabyHawk R
PiroFlip Frsky http://bit.ly/2jB6gSG
PiroFlip PNF http://bit.ly/2z36Cqh
Banggood http://bit.ly/2z2PoJp

GNB Batteries
GNB 3s 450mah http://bit.ly/2ygQ1eK
GNB 3s 550mah http://bit.ly/2jRoHPT

GNB 3s 450 http://bit.ly/2y3yc3W
GNB 3s 550 http://bit.ly/2wW6lFi
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This time an indoor flyer from the well known FullSpeedRC. The BeeBee 66, as you will see in the video is a quick indoor quad using the sunny sky 703 ballbearing motors. Additional performance can be gained by removing the 3d printed pod and securing the all in one camera with a bit of double sided foam tape. The only feature missing is a buzzer, which to many wouldn't be of use with indoor flight.

BeeBee 66 - FullSpeedRC (11 min 27 sec)

BeeBee 66 http://bit.ly/2jK5YoD
BetaFPV http://amzn.to/2jbmXkg
GNB 450mah http://amzn.to/2AsjnJQ
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Does Innovation = Perfection??

ZMX FinX30 2207.5 Motor Overview & Tear Down (8 min 52 sec)

Check out my YouTube video overview and tear down of the new ZMX FinX30 2207.5 fpv motor, where I discuss it's physical and technical specifications, along with the patented innovations Silver Drone has implemented to make this the most interesting and innovative motor to come out in a long time.
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Using a combination of their own components this 3inch is a burner. The two items lacking are the HD cam mount might be a bit fragile and the props a bit dated.

If your early in your FPV experience don't be put off by the speed in the video. Anyone can start on 4s or 3s, lower the camera angle and find a nice open field.

If your well experienced, strap on a pack and let it rip.

HGLRC XJB145 (17 min 50 sec)

HGLRC XJB145 http://bit.ly/2zCiw8o
Tattu Battery http://bit.ly/2gRsRFF
Actuna Antenna http://bit.ly/2ixhO97

Coupon:RC18OFF 18% off your purchase http://bit.ly/2j7IAW2
Hot RC Deals http://bit.ly/2y7GFlw
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Skyzone SKY03 FPV Goggles (1 min 31 sec)

Expected shipping date: December 20th, 2017

Skyzone SKY03 3D Goggles.
Pre-order: https://www.fpvmodel.com/skyzone-sky...les_g1373.html

Skyzone is a professional manufacturer of FPV goggles, now here comes the third generation 3D FPV goggles named SKY03. The SKY03 is an upgraded version of the famous SKY02S 3D FPV goggles. They boast a great feature set, comfortable to wear and fit a wide range of eyesight conditions as well. As a business partner of Skyzone, FPV Model will be the first on the market to receive the SKY03 FPV goggles.

Heres a list of features and specs:

With Head Tracking function
Diversity Receiver Module with Dual Antennas
ISM 5.8GHz 48-channerl diversity receiver
Built with Front Camera
Up to 43 Degree FOV
Binocular Display,SVGA 800X600 resolution,binocular display.
Multiple LED Light effect mode support.
Intimate Design of Human Mechanics
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This is the self-made Boldclash BWHOOP B06 with OSD and DSHOT600. The frame from Boldclash B06 with BR0703 motors and 4A ESC DSHOT600 Omnibus F3 OSD FC. Fly with 260mAh 2:40 minutes, even better than the original Boldclash BWHOOP B06. The LST - S2 800TVL camera fits very well in the B06 canopy. With a little hot glue, the camera sits firmly in the canopy. The F3 flight controller has OSD and voltage is displayed in the video image. The OSD can be configured via Betaflight 3.2.2. The 4A ESC is DSHOT600 capable and thus also Turtle Mode works. The material costs are lower than the original Boldclash BWHOOP B06 and you have an OSD and DSHOT600.

Video 1 - Boldclash B06 OSD Turtle Mode and DSHOT600 DIY
Boldclash B06 OSD Turtle Mode DSHOT600 DIY (4 min 42 sec)

Shopping List:
B06-01 Frame Set - http://www.boldclash.com/boldclash-b...crew-p135.html
Racerstar Star4 4A ESC - https://goo.gl/6AzQen
Racerstar BR0703 15000KV Motor - https://goo.gl/gCpbeJ
FrSky XM SBUS Receiver - https://goo.gl/5InfW5
Teeny1S F3 OSD - https://goo.gl/yKX47Z
LST - S2 800TVL AIO FPV Camera - https://goo.gl/QFKCD6
CMOS FOV170 camera - https://goo.gl/T86blx
Turbowing 5.8G 25mW 48CH FPV VTX - https://goo.gl/rvwt71
JST PH 2.0 charging - https://goo.gl/KXtnbw
JST PH 2.0 adapter - https://goo.gl/kA3PnM
JST PH 2.0 100x Connectors - https://goo.gl/2ZrCpR
Teeny1S F4 FC OSD + 4 In 1 6A ESC - https://goo.gl/QtiDdH
best fit combo F3+ESC
BeeCore OMNIBUS F3 FC 5A ESC - https://goo.gl/fJixid

More...Continue Reading
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