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Posted by Red.Sneakers | May 15, 2016 @ 06:49 PM | 30,125 Views

On May 14, 2016 I attended the "Power in the Pines" Open House and Air Show at the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in southern New Jersey. Took 475 photos, deleted almost 300. So what to show on the blog you may enjoy? I decided to showcase the photos that best represent the Pride, Power & Precision showcased. Hope you enjoy them.

The Power of the Pines is presented about every other year, so check back on 2018 for the next show.

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Posted by Red.Sneakers | May 10, 2016 @ 02:18 PM | 29,805 Views
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It has been a very wet & windy Spring in Northern Jew Jersey. No flying for a long time. Today was the first good day so we met up at the Club. Winds light & variable, sunny morning with Altocumulus Floccus clouds moving in. First up was the Beaver. Oh man, what a beautiful morning. Sun behind us, clean air, no turbulence. Watched a few guys fly while I enjoyed a breakfast snack al fresco. Then two guys started talking about gliders. So I got my glider ready, settled into my camping chair & launched. Thinking I would just fly around. At around 12 minutes, I told the guys to look up as I was in a thermal bubble, center stage. At times the fuselage would disappear but I could clearly see the two wing tips that are black. One member asked: “how do you get down”, hum, oh yea, spiral. Spiral I did & lost some good altitude, then settled down & up I went. Two more spirals before I lost the bubble. Could feel the temperature cool down as sink was ever present. Flew around for about 1 minute at low throttle to let the sink move on. Ding, ding, another small thermal, up we went. Followed by sink, cool breeze, fly around & another thermal. Pilot asked “what’s your record?”. I answered about 29-30 minutes (actually it was Nov 13, 2014 ~ 32 min flight). So they challenged me to break my record. At 30 minutes I was going to land when a newly arrived member said, “keep going”. So I did. Final battle with sink & no battery life left to go back up, so I landed. My friend rushed over to read the timer on the Tx when it landed. A little early in the season to call it the best day but it just may be.

Total flight time 44 minutes & 2 seconds, a personal best. Plane you ask? umx Radian with a 220 mAh mini-aviation battery. (mic drop)