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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Feb 22, 2016 @ 11:04 AM | 30,264 Views
Video Gallery 2016
& links to the build logs
see vimeo for comments on the video

HiTec Zipper Weekender
Zipper Final Approach & Lanind in Slow Mo (1 min 6 sec)

HiTec Zipper Weekender
Zipper second maiden z (2 min 17 sec)
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Feb 20, 2016 @ 10:10 AM | 39,502 Views
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> Introduction <

I love my Horizon Hobby umx Sport Cub S2. Why? Because some engineers & designers took the time to program the gyro with all the correct settings with 3 flight modes: Stabilized [Beginner Mode], Agility [Intermediate Mode], Unrestricted [Experienced Mode]. So all I had to do is take the plane out of the box, charge the battery, do a preflight check, learn how to initialize & activate the gyro & off we went. I love this plane so much, I have 6 of them, 2 are RIP & the other 4 are commissioned for specific missions. I have learned a lot about how the pilot needs to interact with the gyro & weather conditions. Some folks are stick & rudder pilots and wouldn’t consider a gyro. It’s OK. Once you fly a plane with a gyro in wind that exceeds its specifications of the model or with heavy turbulence, where the plane is being tossed vertically up to 5 feet in a split second, you will have a higher respect for a fly-by-wire system.

The Hobby Eagle A3 Super II is a good value gyro, with company support, documentation & enhancements. As a visual guy, I love the WYSIWYG [What You See Is What You Get] app. The challenge is all this flexibility comes with an investment = more knowledge required (call it ground school learning). You need to understand what each setting does & determine if the default setting meets your needs for your specific application. Failure to do so may result in injury or property damage (like your
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Feb 17, 2016 @ 02:47 PM | 31,663 Views

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I have wanted a HiTec Zipper Weekender for some time. It looks like they will be discontinued when the stock runs out. In the mean time, they have been discounted with free shipping at Tower Hobbies. I have no facility nor expertise spray painting but was able to convince a friend to paint one for me. Maiden today only to crash it upon takeoff. Not enough thrust. Either I did not set the throttle setting correctly on the Rx/ESC or gyro. There will be another day.

Wingspan: 23.6" (599mm)
Length: 21.3" (541mm)
Weight: 5.3oz (150g)
Wing Area: 93 sq in (6 sq dm)

Build log:

--> Convinced a friend to spray paint one for me.

--> Added skids on the belly as I may land on rough surfaces.

--> Added an A3 Supper 2 gyro to get more practice installing & programming them. Maiden crash was with the gyro off.

--> After the crash I glued the wings on with Foam-Tac.

--> Now looking to mod the plane with a bigger prop, see below.

--> RCG member [Hugo Flynow] suggests to "add a hole in the bottom of the fuselage for ventilation. Rule of thumb is the exit hole needs to be 3X larger than the inlet. Being the inlet is just behind the nosecone, this hole is plenty big. I like to make oval holes to get the most out of the fuselage shape.”
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--> The plane is under the USA FAA registration weight limit of 0.55 lbs (250 grams) - No FAA registration required to fly it. Caution: Some folks have
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Jumpers Away

Posted by Red.Sneakers | Feb 12, 2016 @ 08:37 AM | 30,395 Views

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Photo by RCG member Robert Stinson

I have been looking for small parachute guys for some time. HK has a Candy Dropper available that will release the jumpers. I posted a request for links in the HK Tundra forum & the response was great. Decided to archive the choices for future reference.

RCG member [eihoward] commented “Put some weight to these soldiers or they will fly away... Yes I have lost four...”

RCG member [Pilot_MM] commented “Thinking out loud here but you could also put a few holes in the chute. It will do the same without adding weight.”

RCG member [MX48] commented “I taped a 1oz. fishing sinker to my paratroopers and now no more trying to float overseas. Yet they still float down nicely in the wind.”

> Kids Children Tangle Free Toy Hand Throwing Parachute Kite Outdoor Play Game Toy [by RCG member dabrandt22].

> Fun Express Vinyl Paratroopers Assortment Action Figure (6 Dozen) [by RCG member nevenelestate]

> Base Jumpers Parachute Men Red, Blue & Green Gift Set Bundle - 3 Pack [by RCG member MX48]