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Posted by scousethief | Nov 13, 2017 @ 07:37 AM | 9,136 Views GearBest $139.11 Coupon Code: 11.11GB214 for $121.11 Banggood US$179.99 Coupon Code: None

Do yourself a favour and buy a reel of filament when you buy your printer. If you find any cheaper places please post below in the comments and i will add them to this post. Do not buy the sample pieces they are a rip off ! Banggood 1KG PLA filament GearBest 1KG PLA filament

I have 2 of these now , if you want my advice :

Build the full frame first ! leave the electronics until you have put the frame together. Once the frame is built , place it on a "level" flat surface and adjust the screws/guide rods until everything is square, it is much easier to do this without having wires trailing all over the place.

There are two plastic guides along the Z axis, one on each side , there is a slit running vertically on each piece which will allow you to insert a thin ruler so that you can "level" each side of the Z axis. With the ruler sitting on the motors housing and inserted into the slit , adjust the rod so that the top of the guide sits at 130mm from the bottom of the ruler...........................Continue Reading