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Posted by Border Lord | Dec 14, 2018 @ 12:21 PM | 7,666 Views
Hi All

This will be an occasional (probably very) series on a build of a Blade 300CFX purchased as a bare airframe off e-bay.
Have to admit most of my fleet is either Align or clone. Got into E-Flite because a mate asked me to repair a couple of his models which turned out to be a Blade 400 fb and a 450X fbl.
Both of these are now fixed and flying well, but two things became apparent. First was I liked the layout and lightness of the models, second was the silly parts prices.
Anyway, searching for a main gear for a reasonable price someone pointed out that the 450X and the 300CFX shared the same gear. Even offered to lend me one of his spares to get me out of trouble, generous guy. Turned out I didn't need it, but I did a google search for the CFX and it turned out it had a couple of interesting features.
E-Bay search came up with a bare airframe for a reasonable price (45) so the die was cast.
This was bought from an E-bay seller in this country, so the parcel arrived pretty quickly. In fact the day before it was expected.
Good news was, in addition to the airframe he also included a big bag of spares. Enough, in fact, to build another complete frame if I needed it:

Decided not to get into it until all my other projects were finished, but you know how these things suck you in.
So, first couple of items.
Model came without a canopy. Quick search revealed new canopies could cost 27 or so. That's more than half the complete airframe, so not for me.
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Posted by Border Lord | Apr 08, 2018 @ 08:14 AM | 8,683 Views
Hi Guys

So, decided I wanted a 700 size in the fleet, but I wanted one based on a 600 airframe to give me a light 'floaty' type model for those warm summer evenings (remember those?)
It would have been easy to just get an Assault or a second hand Align, but I don't do 'easy'. Just to make things even more interesting I wanted to stay with belt drive.
I do like a challenge.
After a bit of head scratching I came up with a system I like. Have to say this is unflown at the moment, with other projects taking up my time, but once I get a slot in the build schedule I will give it a try and report back.
Here's the parts I used.
HK600GT or second hand Align. I was lucky enough to have boxes of 600 spares, so I was able to get away with the body only from HK:
Pretty good value as a start point.
I would guess you could use an Assault one instead, but the Align ones are cheap enough and come in pairs so you have a spare if the inevitable should happen.
Raptor 50 PV0520
Raptor PV0029, more on this in the text.
Rear tail shaft:
Gartt GT550-046G:
I would guess the Align one would do as well, but not sure on that.
Front tail shaft:
Gartt GT550-061:
May seem odd using a TT shaft, but there is method in my madness, read on.
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Posted by Border Lord | Apr 05, 2018 @ 12:35 PM | 8,023 Views
Hi Guys

Been doing some work on my HK600, and it's now flying well. trouble is it makes my Align 600E FB seem like a dinosaur in comparison.
Time to put the thinking cap on.
It already has a Kbar running the tail, so switch to FBL was a no brainer. Also decided to do away with the bellcranks operating the swash and go direct from the servos, so saving some weight.
I picked up this thread on HF a while ago:
and been itching to try it out.
Good enough excuse (as if I needed one)
Actual conversion was easy, although I did have to get a bit creative attaching the balls to the wrong ends of the washout arms.
Nothing a decent scrap box couldn't cope with.
Also I had to make up new link rods from the mixer arms to the blade holders. Not too disappointed about that, the original rods had some rust on them, and I always keep some 2.5mm studding on hand.



Doing away with the bellcranks was simply a weight saving exercise, based on the fact that early servos were not so powerful as modern ones, so needed the help.
The servos on mine are Hitec 5965's, 9.94 Kg at 6.0v. Plenty enough for the job.


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Posted by Border Lord | Mar 01, 2018 @ 02:59 PM | 11,374 Views
Hi Guys, slight change of pace.

Looking for a couple of thin wing servos for a mini hotliner project. The wing I have is very thin, so I needed less than 10mm thick for the servos.
Rooting through HK's offerings I came across these:

Specs say 8mm thick, and if you translate the German review, that seems to agree, so ideal.
Don't recognise the makers, KS, but the PDI 0902 designation looked familiar.
Google search on that number turned up these:

Yes, they're JX servos under a different name, go figure.
Thing is HK has them cheaper than Aliexpress. That doesn't happen very often.
Also available at UK warehouse, sounds too good.

So, duly ordered, we'll see.

Posted by Border Lord | Feb 28, 2018 @ 11:47 AM | 11,060 Views
Hi All

After having some issues with my standard JR/FrSky combination I was thinking about a new radio.
Heard some good reports about the FlySky FSi6, so decided to give that a go.
Have to say these are available at Bangood for just over 30 or so, so even if I manage to sort the issues with the other one, and I only use this for one model, not exactly a fortune to risk.
So, set arrived today, here are a few first impressions.
Shipped on 11th, or possibly 13th, depending on which BG CS agent you believe.
Arrived today, 28th, so have to say overall shipping time was not too bad, especially in the middle of CNY.
Can't say the same for tracking, which was a complete shambles. Even according to BG's own site package is still in China. Not one of the three tracking sites I normally use had any notice of its progress, until it arrived at Heathrow, when Royal Mail took over.
Even then couldn't get it.
According to Royal Mail, none of their vans left the depot this morning due to weather conditions.
Couple of snow flurries and everything grinds to a halt, welcome to England.
Anyway, sorting office is only 5 mins away, so I went and picked it up myself.
First look.
Got the inpression from the reviews and pictures that the transmitter was small. Almost toy like, one described it. Not so.
Maybe a little smaller overall than a normal tx, but not by much.

Biggest change was in thickness.

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Posted by Border Lord | Aug 12, 2017 @ 08:26 AM | 12,881 Views
Hi Guys

Welcome to an occasional (probably very) series on converting a Hirobo Shuttle to electric power.
Did this a while back on a Raptor 30, and that was very successful. Been on the lookout since for a similar project.
Anyway, I spotted an unloved Shuttle in need of tlc, on an e-bay auction. Finally fell to me for the princely sum of 31 + 6 for shipping.
Happy with that.
Arrived today in a big BIG box.

Packaging not great but adequate, considering it was a private seller and he had it on collect only.
So lost no time in chucking the big bits together.

Initial thoughts, like a curates egg, good in parts.
Did read somewhere that the freewheel on these was in the clutch. Glad to find this isn't so, it's where it normally is, in the main gear. Might have stretched my ingenuity other wise.
The main gear is Mod1.0, same as a lot of electrics, so pinions shouldn't be an issue.
Although I won't be using it, the motor has Hirobo labels on it, so oem.
Not sure what condition it's in or whether it has any value, guess I'll find out later.
The model appears superficially similar the the Raptor, but the body is not so substantial, so should build up lighter.
The Raptor was no slouch, so I count this as a plus.

Negatives, quite a few, but nothing of a deal breaker, and a lot I would be changing anyway, for personal preference.
So, model has been stored for quite a while, probably in a damp garage. Lots of bits rusty, but nothing that wouldn't be going anyway.
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