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Posted by Troppo1 | Dec 06, 2015 @ 05:41 AM | 4,304 Views
I have no idea why I started this hobby, one day I was just sitting around thinking that I needed a new hobby for winter and summer because my 9mtr motor boat was finished, as the last few years I have worked on the boat winter and summer and not had to think about anything to do, there was heaps to do but now that it's all done, NOW what?.
I probably thought about the rc Gemini 600 catamaran first because it looks the same as a boat I helped deliver from Capetown to the carribean.
So I bought one and sailed it once just before we had to close the boat up for the winter, at the same time there was an Icon A5 umx for sale and I thought, what a good idea, I will have a rc boat and plane to use when the wind is light, my sailing dinghy when the wind comes up and the neighbours racing dinghy when the wind is too strong for my little tender.
Having been bought up on gas engined model planes on strings that you stood in the middle and went round and round and bloody round until you go dizzy and crashed it, I thought these new SAFE mode planes were the way to go.
As an ex real world pilot I wanted a bit more realism and needed flaps to play with and it had to be able to fly off of my boat in summer and in the park in winter.
The Icon had a fault in an aileron after the unboxing so I sent it back and said I needed to change it for something that had better wheels and they said ok, try the Carbon Cub SS.
So online I went and found so much love for the plane and it had floats,...Continue Reading