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Posted by USMC1968 | Apr 25, 2019 @ 04:02 AM | 796 Views
Hello anybody/everybody! Iíve had this drone for a little over a year and it is my first. The first few flights went well but after a few months of not using it, I now have a problem. I canít get a satellite lock. Remote shows 16, give or take, but ďerrorĒ lights blink 2 short/1 long on the quad and motors run but it will not fly. With no manufacturers support, I bought a new gps module online but still have the same problem. Hobby shops in my area are few and far between and wonít attempt to help me because they donít sell this quadcopter. Can someone PLEASE help? I also have a Mavic Pro but Iíd like to fly this one again. Thanks!