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Posted by Altimat | Jan 06, 2013 @ 06:03 PM | 3,508 Views
I've been RCing since I was around 10 years old - over 35 years now with a few brief hiatuses in-between. It started in Germany where I spent summers as an Army brat with electric boats from Graupner and Robbe. I then moved into nitro boats ending with a twin Picco .67 powered Sprint Cat. 1:8 scale on-road was next with a Mantua Manta 4, then into 1:8 off-road for a few years and right back to 1:8 on-road. From there I went straight to helis for 10 years now flying in a scale manner (never liked 3D much) and now finally I am building my first multirotor. Somehow I skipped over fixed wing along the way.

My current heli is a Trex 600ESP stretched into a 700 with a HC3-SX on 10S. The quad will be a Spidex with NAZA GPS and the TBS 900KV motor/ESC combo and Graupner 10-5s on 4S. I'm still deciding on the rest of the setup...

First quad nearly ready: