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Posted by parkfly27 | Jul 30, 2013 @ 10:56 PM | 6,150 Views
After discovering Green's peak on the Flagstaff flyers website and watching the fire lookout tower weather all week, i couldn't hold off any longer.... So i packed up the car with a bunch of planes, sheets, and some bare necessities (oh and and little Cotton pup of course!) and headed to northeast AZ.

Among the planes that tagged along was a Stryker and Mouton passer-downs from my good flying friend Jim. The Stryker has seen numerous sorties off the water retention dam and A-mountain across from New Mexico state university.

I arrived to Green's peak late in the day Saturday, and after taking in the scenery and putting a quick flight on the 3D foamie, i found a spot to camp for the night. After a night of refreshing rain, the clouds began to clear and it was time to head to the top. After taking in the breathtaking vivid green post-monsoon scenery i began to look for the slope site. What's i didn't realize was that you have to drive around the back of the mountain a little ways and loose some elevation to get the best wind angle. The winds were 15-20 mph steady right up the slope. First up was the Stryker which was nice lazy fun, since it wasn't clean enough to get any penetration in the wind.

After getting the feel for the conditions, i dusted off the Mouton (which i had covered the nose section in a Kevelar-carbon sock, intending to stick a stupidly large motor on the front....) Well it turns out i wouldn't need a motor to get this puppy moving After adding two...Continue Reading