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Posted by parkfly27 | Aug 31, 2009 @ 06:59 PM | 7,060 Views
Ok, here's a list of the airplanes i have, and have had...

Currently in flying condition:

-Polk Hobbies 72-inch DC-3 TWA scheme
-E-flite Tribute FX 3D
-Electrifly Xpd-81 (with 4400KV inrunner!!!)
-Dynaflyte Bird of Time converted to electric (don't fly too often because i have a hard time getting it to come down
-S-Flying Models 63-inch Eindecker converted to electric, with 6LBS of thrust
-E-flite Mini Ultra Stick

Airplanes that need minor work (prop adapter, new motor, ect..) Listed from most to least work needed

-Multiplex funjet
-Great planes 1/4-Scale Extra 300 "Patty Wagstaff" with Turnigy 52cc gasser (haven't flown yet. Will try this weekend... Wish me luck!!)
-F-27 stryker converted to rocked boost with estes D12 motor (needs 2 micro servos)
-Great planes fling converted to DLG (needs 2 micro servos)
-Hyperion "Miss Hyperion" flying Hydro

Airplanes that need major work (fuselage re-build, replace firewall, ect..) also lsted from most to least work needed

-98-inch WS TOC Yak-54. I have the wings, tail, and rudder, but i need to build a fuselage. This one will be electric. (if i ever finish it)
-E-Sky Belt CP (Heli) Crashed attempting 3D... Seemed like i needed higher rates. Anyways, it just needs a few little parts and some new blades.
-Dymond-RC Double Blitz 82-inch. Crashed from RF interference, was such a sweet-flying airplane, top speed maybe 70MPH, sooo smooth.
-Sig L'il Rascal... crashed from reciever...Continue Reading