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Posted by parkfly27 | Oct 28, 2008 @ 12:47 AM | 6,255 Views
Hi fellow R/Cers

I converted a 5.5-pound SF eindecker .40 to electric for around $100. here's the components:
Zippy 4-cell 2200 25C Lipo: $40

Towerpro 3520-7 outrunner motor: $30.... This is no longer sold by hobbycity, but there are many equivalent motors on their website (turnigy, hextronik, KDA, ect....)

Towerpro 50A esc: $20
Hextronik 3-amp BEC: $7

Total: $97!!

This setup gives me roughly eight minutes of flying time, and has enough power to hover the plane. The prop is a turnigy 14X10 cherry wood propeller. Total power is around 600 watts.
Even after a hard flight on a hot New Mexico summer day, the battery, motor, and ESC are barely warm.

So far all of the zippy batteries have worked great, both for myself and other flyers. the 25C series holds their voltage right untill the end. I use them on my gws 109, funjet, tribute fx 3D, zagi, and now the eindecker. And did i mention that my 2200's usually take 2300mah after being discharged to 3 volts/cell? You just can't go wrong with hobbycity lipos.

hope this info is usefull to someone.