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Posted by scousethief | Jun 23, 2017 @ 10:11 AM | 8,451 Views
Just to let you know............. this things big ! well, bigger than i thought lol and it is RAPID ! at full throttle..

A new experience for me here, aside from chugging around the local parks with a "scale" tug and the odd WW2 inspired battleship many years ago RC Boats have been something i have looked at from afar with a slight green tint in my eyes. RC Boats or to be more specific Racing boats have generally been "top shelf" items ( ie out of my grubby hands reach ) and with them came a different set of challenges compared to the aerial RC i am so used to. Waterproofing the electronics is of course pretty paramount with this side of the hobby so a lot of care has to be taken to ensure their longevity by keeping them as dry as possible, the other minor issue is what to do in the event of the boat overturning when it is out of reach. For most this wouldnt be an issue at all, just wade into the water and turn the boat the right way over except.......... water and I are not the best of friends i can swim i just prefer not to, Jules Verne and Kirk Douglas ruined all my fun lol.
With that in mind comes the FeiLun FT011 a 65cm 4S Brushless racing boat that with a quick flick of the throttle will self right itself saving you the excruciating public shame of having to wade out into a big pond and turn your boat over by hand.

All safely packaged. The carbon fiber look is achieved by using a "hydrographic" sticker

At the rear, the prop , rudder, inlet for water cooling , trim tabs and two scalpels

Internally, the water cooled ESC .........Brushless motor......................battery and control servo, the yellow line is lubrication.

2.4Ghz Pistol type transmitter.

Additional trim and end point adjustment

Additional extras , in the box , protective nose cone , driver, wrench, lubrication , spare props and a nice simple stand to mount your very pretty boat on.

I havent seen this much spray since the 80's

It tears the lake up quite easily

Posted by scousethief | Jun 22, 2017 @ 07:44 AM | 7,598 Views
Errrrrm avoid this idiot if possible , i grabbed this for the spares box

Ebay dealer 2009shoppingmall

Nice fractured board

If you look closely you can see components are missing and the fracture through the board

Posted by scousethief | Jun 20, 2017 @ 06:47 PM | 9,856 Views

Discount/coupon code GBSpark will bring the price down to $529.99 / 421.69

DJI Spark, a mini drone which boasts all of DJI's signature technologies, allows you to seize the moment whenever you feel inspired. With various Intelligent Flight Modes, a 2-axis mechanical gimbal and a 12MP camera, your creativity is sure to meet no boundaries. With FaceAware, Spark can be launched on your palm and hover at a desirable height. You can use Gesture Mode to take selfies and control the drone when it is within 3m away. The little quadcopter is bound to spark your creativity and enable you to film like a professional.

Main Features:
● 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor, f/2.6 wide-angle lens, 2-axis mechanical gimbal for stabilized 1080P videos and 12MP stills
● Powerful propulsion enables Spark to fly at up to 50 kph in Sport Mode
● Multiple Intelligent Flight Modes available - ActiveTrack, TapFly, QuickShot etc.
● Gesture Mode is only be used to take selfies but also control the drone within 3m range
● 1480mAh 11.4V LiPo provides 16min long flight time for more footage


Max. flight time: 16 minutes ( no wind at a consistent of 12.4 mph / 12 kph )
Max. hovering time: 15 minutes ( no wind )
Operating temperature range: 32 to 104 Deg.F ( 0 to 40 Deg.C )
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Posted by scousethief | Jun 13, 2017 @ 06:43 AM | 9,430 Views
Gearbest, Orange $74.99

Banggood, Orange US$74.99
Banggood, Black US$74.99

Available from both popular vendors the Runcam Split aims to form a bridge between those who require an FPV camera and those who require a higher detailed video output and who are limited on space. The Split will perform the actions of both popular types of camera but without adding the extra weight or induced lag that occurs when trying to use an action camera as the main view camera, hopefully . The spec's listed below state [email protected] for recording is an option but doesnt list the FPV resolution , trying to cram anything like 1080p across the 5.8ghz we use will result in frame skip/drop or worse lag so hopefully the Split reduces the resolution before sending the video to the transmitter.

English Manual

Description :
Brand Name : Runcam
Item Name : Split RunCam 3
FOV Angle of Field FPV FOV 130 / Recording FOV 165
Video Resolution [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]
Video Files MOV
Image Resolution 2 Megapixels
TV Output NTSC / PAL Switchable
Real-Time Audio Output Yes
Interface Micro USB / UART
Max Micro SD Card Supported 64G(need Class 6 or above, recommend Class 10/UHS-I/UHS-II)
WiFi Module Support (Removable)
Dimensions PCB 36*38mm / Lens Module 22*20mm
Power Input DC 5V
Working Current 650 mAh
Weight 21g

Features :
HD recording, same effect as Runcam 3
Supper WDR FPV image with low latancy
Recording and FPV can do at the same time
26g super light
Camera + Board split, main board and FC can be installed on frame kit, camera is same as mini Swift.
Lens is removable
WiFi module is optional, support APP setting and previewing on mobile.

Package Included :
1 x Runcam Split Camera
1 x Mounting Bracket Pack
1 x Cable Pack

Posted by scousethief | Jun 05, 2017 @ 07:11 AM | 9,093 Views

**Additional reviews below**


The DYS ELF is an 83mm brushless quadcopter that incorporates some of the best features available in the micro quadcopter market, an OSD, RSSI and selectable Video Transmitter power levels are now bringing micro quads more inline with their bigger brothers. The Elf overcomes some of the hurdles faced in other similar variants of micro quads were the prop protection/ducting was too fragile or warped too easily under stresses caused by the props, this is not the case here , the props main protection is a plastic ring secured at the same level as the main frame, this keeps the props away from damage and adds a small buffer which allows the Elf to bounce when it comes into contact with an object.
The electronics that come with the RTF package include a FrSky compatible transmitter that has the majority of options that we require and are available via a menu driven system that is displayed via a small back lit screen. The flight controller is an F3 using Betaflight V3.15 and runs a version of MWOSD which is accessible via stick commands and can be viewed on your choice of monitor or goggles, power is supplied by a 600mah 2S lipo which runs 10Amp esc's using BLheli 16.6 ( Running firmware released on: Feb 7 2017 22:30:44) and 1102/10000kv brushless motors, to complete the power chain 1.7 inch propellers of 3 or 5 blades are supplied.
The main body of the quad is a molded plastic...Continue Reading
Posted by scousethief | Jun 03, 2017 @ 05:50 PM | 8,131 Views
Uhuh, been thinking of this for a while and we were informed last night that the unit we were interested in will be available after January