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Posted by naDah | Sep 04, 2019 @ 03:55 AM | 1,204 Views
So my mate cracked the deck of his e-skate but since I have two, we started switching the decks around. I ended up with the deck from my first board, I broke a motor or something so it was just kept for parts any way. My mate got the deck from my then current board. It was such an easy job. Remove the trucks and the boxes for batteries and ESC and disconnect two XT30's.

Yup, Li-On batteries, 2,4GHz transmitters, banana plugs and JSTs for the electronics. It's an RC car. Kinda. The motors are huge. I'm a 200 lbs guy and I go up hills in 20 mph. Imagine what they could do with a RC Car.

I would love to rebind the board to my GT3C. The board has a wheel to control throttle and braking and while it works really well, a left-hand trigger is a bit more natural to me.