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MotoCross + FPV (3 min 17 sec)

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Team training day (4 min 6 sec)

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FPV in Alps (2 min 8 sec)

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FPV Crash and Flight (1 min 42 sec)

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Another great FPV day
Miniquad FPV Chase - Reload (2 min 40 sec)

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In this article I’ll share with you details of my new 3rd generation of lightweight folding quadcopter.

I already made two generations of folding quads, but I wanted to have something more compact that I could take with me in traveling.

I decided to remake new quad from Rotor S project. It is easier, half of the job is already done.

I decreased length of aluminum profile arms to 150mm. Central rods were cut to 170mm.

I used my Sunnysky 2208 1206kv motors, APC 8038 props, BL20A ESCs from 210 quad.

FFOSD N2, Naza lite updated to V2, Mobius action cam.

Schema image:

You can also download drawings in CDR.

After few test flights I found stable gains:
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First time tried to fly in pairs. ITS AWESOME!!!
FPV Chase Weekend (2 min 6 sec)

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Inspired by Shuricus’s frame I also wanted to make a light, foldable quadcopter with available motors (2216 800kv) and 12 props.

Said – done

Arms - 10mm aluminum profile

Frame - mounting plates that at the edges made from 1.5mm fiberglass. The rest of the plates all are made of 1mm fiberglass.

Motors - Sunnysky V2216 800KV
ESC - Afro 20A
Props - RCTimer 12*45 CF
OSD - N2 OSD displays GPS coordinates and shows the level of THR.

Reflashed NAZA Lite to the second version, V8FR receiver.

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After testing a pair of 250 class frames I decided to build something new. There is a good frame QAV210 in the market. Chinese without thinking twice did a good faith clone LT210. It tends to get very high quality, the price is like ZMR, and in addition 10 pairs of 5045 props.

The reasons I made my decision on this frame are:

- Weight (only 105 grams)
- Monolithic carbon 5mm or 3mm lower deck
- Static angle of the FPV camera
- Protection of the FPV camera
- Universal mounting for motors of various sizes (from 1306 to 2208)
- Video transmitter antenna mount
- Power supply wires mount

Frame itself:

I chose the version with 3mm plate. The frame is made qualitatively, all the holes are the same places.

For convenience in assembling I used this PDB. Wires from motors and ESCs were cut off to the required length and all soldered directly, without any connectors. There is a PDB under SPF3 controller. I used 10mm spacers to lift up flight controller from PDB. FC is powered from BEC 5v.

The FC has taken a modern and already available Seriously Pro F3. As OSD was chosen Micro minimOSD.

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I'm tired that I have to fly rather high to get stable videolink with 5.8GHz. Therefore, I decided to go to the 1.2GHz frequency.

After purchasing a set of 1.2 GHz 1500mw it became clear that receiver has to be fixed and it is unclear "how". Since I use FatShark video goggles, the question was very serious, because fill pockets with battery and receiver - not "comme il faut".

Then I came across comrade DiscoMan's Blog. I was even a little doubt at first if I could to assemble such system, but then I realized that everything I need - you just have to connect all the elements and solder few wires to link everything in the container.

Short FAQ: the ground station is made for receiving video stream in 1.2GHz frequency and transmit to the 5.8GHz videolink (which is in video goggles). Plus you can add DVR, which would record video. Many people also insert into the ground station repeaters from 2.4GHz to 433GHz (as did DiscoMan).

Most of the ground station's elements I had been bought before, so I used all I had.

Here is a list of devices that I used to create the ground station:

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After assembly and flying on frame MINI QUAD H250 realized that I want to increase flight time and make FPV more smooth and gently.

The idea was born and I started to assembly 8" copter, with 2200mAh battery. Standard DJI-style F350 wasn't good idea, because I wanted to have a folding frame.

After googling for all kinds of frames of similar size realized that few options, but rather one - Chinese clone of the frame QAV400. But the cost of even a clone of the order of 110 (now it is around 80).

Therefore, it was decided not to spend money to enrich the Chinese, and to use my own skills and knowledge of the frame design in Corel Draw. Comrade has CNC lathe and can cut me everything I want.

It was not so difficult to design frame. The main thing to remember about the combination of all the holes (upper, lower and intermediate floors of the frame). I have spent about 3-4 hours. The price was really pleased. Three floors of the frame cost about $10, including material (glass fiber 1.5 mm).

Drawings of the frame

Download drawings frame in Corel Draw format

I'm not a fan of the assembly frames from scratch (plastic bottles, caps, plastic pipes, balls of ping-pong and other parts of the arsenal of skillful hands), so it was decided to use RotorBits parts.

About RotorBits
Plastic items does not seem very reliable but when you'll hold in your hands you'll understand the opposite. They're just extremely durable.

Rotorbits I used:
  • RotorBits 'Y' Motor Mount (Universal)
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Posted by Kiev FPV | Jul 10, 2015 @ 05:58 AM | 8,878 Views
After a couple of months flying at classic frame F450 I wanted to increase flight time.

There are few frames corresponding my goals but final frame list was:
1. Tarot 650 Sport TL65S01
2. H4 680mm Alien Carbon Fiber Folding Frame

I chose second type, because it is can be folded to compact size, legs are easily added or removed without screws.

What attracted me in this frame:

Flight time during the setup the specified ~ 30 minutes
Frame weight ~ 450 grams
Plenty of room for electronics
Fully carbon
Folding frame

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After the huge FPV cruiser GF680 I wanted something more compact, light and unpretentious in the preparation of flight. Something of a series of "Plug & Fly"

Frame was decided to use the already well-known in their circles - H-Shaped 250mm Mini Quadcopter Carbon Frame

2mm carbon arms are very strong

The frame is very light, about 60 grams, enough space for location of all components. After a slight modification under the own setup, I have already started to assemble all parts together.

Flight controller
I decided to use the proven flight controller Naza M Lite + GPS (very convenient for beginners, never lose the model). The weight of all the modules of about 50 grams, which allows you to safely use it in this frame.

Motors were chosen - ZMR 1804 2400KV. They are cheap and proved in cases. Propellers I took Gemfan 5030 5030R 3-Blades. Better take 10-20 pairs.

Video system
I have fatshark video goggles, so I have also compact camera Fatshark 600TVL CMOS paired with a video transmitter Fatshark 5.8G 250mW. As practice shows, 250mV with good clover is enough for 500 meters. The camera and video transmitter picked up from a set of video glasses Fatshark Attitude V2


Brains - Naza M Lite + GPS
ESCs - ZTW Spider Series 12A OPTO ESC With SimonK
Motors - ZMR 1804 2400KV
Battery - ACE 11.1V 1800mAh 20C LiPo
Props - Gemfan 5030
Video - Fatshark 5.8G 250mW + Fatshark 600TVL CMOS
RC - FrSky 2.4G ACCST Taranis X9D Plus

Onboard camera - Mobius - all known for their recording quality, weight and price

Video of the first flight
Mini H 250 FPV quadcopter (2 min 4 sec)

Budget version
If your budget is limited I'll suggest more economical video system:
Camera 700TVL and video 200mw transmitter combo only for 25$
Video goggles and receiver can be replaced with budget 7" display with diversity

And remember - FPV is awesome
Posted by Kiev FPV | Jul 08, 2015 @ 03:05 AM | 7,160 Views
One day I bought a BEVRC 1.3Ghz video transmitter 1500mw for my copters. As always wanted the most powerful

However, after installation on the copter, I began to observe strong interference on the video channel. I looked for the cause, put filters - nothing helped. Then DiscoMan from rcdesign suggested, for which I thanks a lot, overpower of videoTX.
Another words - the output power of videoTX was too much for mid-size quads.

It turned out that the power of video transmitter jamming onboard electronics. OSD restarts, very strong interference...

It was decided to lower the voltage for the video transmitter to output something about 500mw.

I have a friend with all necessary devices and testers for testing video transmitter. I learned another interesting thing - lowpass filter cuts half power of video transmitter.

Video transmitter was tested and I got the desired results. I decided to share with you. Video transmitter was tested with lowpass filter

So we got following picture:
Input voltage, Outpur power, Supply current

Some photos: