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Posted by old4570 | Oct 28, 2017 @ 12:14 AM | 2,764 Views
I wanted to play but decided to wait .
Just checking the on board camera with the eachine VR006 goggles .
Cam seems to work just fine ..

I was going to put on a flysky PPM Rx , but decided to order a DSM2 micro Rx as it would plug right in and save me from having to do any soldering .

This little quad is 2s so will hopefully not suffer the power issues some 1s quads seem to suffer .
( One can hope ) ..

So hopefully this will be in the air when the DSM2 micro Rx gets here , sorry and the battery I ordered .
I have some small 2s but not sure they are small enough .
Ok for checking things and maybe for programming once the Rx gets here .
Posted by old4570 | Oct 13, 2017 @ 06:13 PM | 3,174 Views

Product page @ Banggood

Banggood sent me the Drillpro 400W 220V Variable Speed Rotary Tool for review . So I would just like to take this opportunity and say thank you ! I have owned a lot of these rotary tools over the last 30+ years and in all fairness some have been decent , some have been junk and all of them have been less than perfect . I am referring to the collets that are used to hold tools in the rotary tool . If you use anything not designed specifically for that rotary tool then you will most likely suffer frustration when the drill bit or what ever just does not fit right .

So many times I have had non original tools just spin in the collet and been left with either trying to do something silly to get what I want or simply being forced to give up and go with a much larger and clumsy drill to do what needs doing . Well no longer . Cruising Banggood ( as I do sometimes ) , I came across this motor tool with a chuck . I was a little surprised ( pleasantly ) and after a quick enquiry I was very pleasantly surprised to find that a Drillpro Rotary Tool was on the way for review . So I took some video and just let me post that here .

Drillpro 400W Variable Speed Rotary Tool from banggood (7 min 5 sec)

What you get is a bag full of tools , sorry I didn't bother to count them . But for me , they should last for years considering just how much I use my current motor tool . It's a 220v tool and comes with a US plug , so you will...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Oct 12, 2017 @ 06:48 PM | 2,643 Views

My 90mm quad came .. This one is 2s , so hopefully wont suffer 1s power woe's .
Also got a very small Rx for it ( flysky )

What I need to sort out is the battery and plug ( quad might need re-plugging )

A couple of wires there that I dont know what they are for (?)

Drillpro review will be posted shortly ( oh I like it )
Posted by old4570 | Oct 10, 2017 @ 07:29 PM | 2,756 Views
https://goo.gl/kqZuTJ = Product page .

It's here at last !
I just dont know what to say . So I will quote my brother .
It feels , it sounds and it smells industrial .

I have been using multi tools for a long time , perhaps more than 30 years . Some have been decent , some have been rubbish and none have been great .
And what I am referring to is those collets . Never the right size for the drill bit or non Kit hardware I wanted to use . And now some truly awesome person has gone and put a chuck on a multi tool .

At last you can fit those tinny little drill bits to your motor tool . So many times I have given up trying to drill something with my motor tool because the drill bit was spinning in the collet .

So far I have taken some pictures and just spun up the MT a little to see how the motor runs . I will give it some more running to help it run in and so far I am simply tickled pink by this MT . There will be a review shortly .
Posted by old4570 | Oct 01, 2017 @ 09:17 PM | 2,692 Views
Banggood currently has the spirit 500 and spirit 600 flying wings on sale .. ( Cheap cheap )

Spirit 500 = https://goo.gl/ABjppf
Spirit 600 = https://goo.gl/4XxpL8

For around $25 ozzi bananas , I would indulge , but blew my wad on a 2s micro quad and a small flysky Rx .
So if you been looking for a cheap RC plane ,