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Posted by steve wenban | Aug 12, 2010 @ 11:52 PM | 5,402 Views
Ive got a bit of a medical drama scoring a tumour on my face hopefully and with the doctors opinion its benign, still the waiting for test results is a pain.
The guys in the slope Community world wide are just awesome as they give a great deal of themselves in caring what happens to a fellow flyer
and also from guys that have been in a similar situation ,its given me back some peace of mind and thankfully I have the Manilla slope fest to keep me busy
so here my fleet for that event, well what I can fit in the car that is
SteveW Happy to be here

Foot note : result come back inconclusive Bugger!!!
Oh well nothing I can do about it just have to wait till the doc cuts it out
Booked in for a 3 day hospital stay in October well as the great Shreik would say better out than in.