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Posted by demondriver | Jun 26, 2017 @ 04:07 AM | 49,101 Views

Hi Football & Qaudcopter fans Chris aka Demondriver here I wanted to share with you an Idea I had to turn a Qaudcopter into a flying Football Target Hoop. I want to thank Brad & Vance for their help making this idea a reality.This Idea is for QB training and as a way to improve throwing accuracy of Quarterback for the NFL and College and HS Football programs.
I use a Chaotic brushless 3D Qaudcopter in this video
the Football hoop is made from screen door mesh
I chose to use Nerf footballs in order not to cause damage to the qaudcopter if we struck it.

Friday Nights a Great Night For Football . . . .& Shark Wrestling!
Posted by demondriver | Jun 17, 2017 @ 08:01 PM | 50,033 Views
RC F-102 Maiden Flight! [4K] (19 min 15 sec)

Hi RC fighter Fans DemonDriver AKA Chris here, Well I finally go my Scratch-built RC F-102 Dagger Flying, I took a while bust she flies! sadly her elevon throw-travel is set to high along with a tad of up elevon I added for hand-launching, she landed in a tree but thanks to the great Brad I was able to launch and get my Dagger out of the tree she landed in, but she's almost repaired now and will be back for more flights soon!