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Posted by edbuell | Jun 25, 2007 @ 09:54 PM | 4,236 Views
Alternate instructions for assembly of the SSX Gear set.

These instructions and the pictures attached will
provide a better assembly I think.


I'm having trouble uploading the attachedment.

I'll put it up when I can. I probably need to shrink the pictures
to get a reasonable sized file.


During my dry fitup of the gear set, I found that assembling the gear in the pictured orientation would cause the spread between the top of the gear set to be too wide and would force compression and distortion of the gear set during attachment to the fuselage..

A layout with the cross member lower on the legs would produce a better spacing.
Even better if you save one of the larger cutoffs from making the connectors and a washer from the kit you can make up a space for fitup to make up the 7/16 spacing you need.

So I suggest an alternate assembly plan.
Do not dry fit the hollow tubes to the connectors. If they stick you can’t get them
Apart without breaking them…… at least I couldn’t.

It requires 3 separate batches of epoxy.

First glue the top ends to the legs and make the struts. No orientation is required.

Then from the same batch of epoxy, glue up the struts.

I used two of the machine bolts to ensure that the ends of the struts are aligned.

Allow the epoxy to cure.

Then in preparation for the second step, use one of the cutsoffs, a washer to set the spcing and add a couple washers on the end with one of the locks nuts just finger...Continue Reading
Posted by edbuell | Jun 08, 2007 @ 09:28 PM | 4,931 Views
I saw the TEERIFIC Jets flown by Terry Nitsch at NEAT Fair last year.

I built the MIG 29 and It came our great. Unfortunately, I'm not a very
experience pilot and I let it get too far away on the maiden flight
and I lost orientation. I came in nose first.
that's the bad news. The good news is that its pretty
rugged for all foam.

while the nose crumpled, it absorbed all the energy and the main
part of the ship survived with no damage.

so with some depron I have on order, I can fix it up good as new.

It was flying great. Too bad I wasn't.