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Maiden Flight Review UMX P 51D BL (8 min 48 sec)

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Thought I would post a picture of the throttle tap on the AR6410LBL board for those who want to install an external esc. With this setup you don't have to change anything in the transmitter. Used this setup on my 1806 powered P-47 and it works great. Name: 20160629_005509.jpg
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Hope this helps anyone with a build that requires a better esc than the stock unit.
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Here is a link to a video I did on explaining how to laminate a UMX Pitts for added strength and durability

How to Laminate a UMX Pitts (7 min 46 sec)

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Link to Video of build.

How To Video 2s Ultra Micro Mustang (10 min 26 sec)

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Pictures showing how I installed the 2500kv motor in the P51 fuselage. It was really quite easy. I made the bulkhead out of 3/32" plywood, I cut it 11/16" wide and 1.250" tall. I then fitted it by filing it with a corse file until it fit, the bottom and top are approximately 1/16" narrower with the corners rounded. As shown in the photos I used a stock UMX Beast motor mount attached to the bulkhead. If you glue the bulkhead to the back of where the stock motor is mounted you will automatically have the correct prop offset and distance.

Next I will glue the wing on and set the receiver brick.
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I have a new Parkzone P51D airframe coming, and a set of Big Beautiful Doll decals for it. Can't wait to get this put together, I will update my blog with pictures as the build progresses.
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This is the first entry into my blog.

I am converting a Ultra Micro Mustang to a 2s brushless setup. My first photo shows the motor and board I will use. It is what was left from a UMX Beast. I bought it from one of the RC Group members.

The first thing I had to do was repair the motor because the blue wire broke off in the crash the did the Beast in. It was very tedious because the wires are so small. Got it done and put new shrink wrap on the wire and around the motor base to hold all wires in place.

I then plugged everything in got a 4 channel transmitter bound the receiver and tested the motor. It ran good and all servos worked.

Next step is to start conversion of the plane.