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Posted by BAF23 | Jul 27, 2013 @ 01:51 PM | 22,913 Views
Not feeling much confident to maiden my heavy 3,7kg highly modified one, I bought a second hand stock 2,7kg V1 Trojan via internet. Although it had flown about 40 times from a grass field, that model was unscratched except for glued together broken main geardoor. The previous owner had kept it stock except for a reinforced nosegear and installation of a quality 60Amp ESC, and the addition of some weight in the tail. As we used the same batteries, and his Spectrum AR600 remained in the airframe, I couldn’t come any closer to a bind and fly model for a reasonable price, and according to his experiences, the CG was ok with the 4S4000 battery fully at the back of the tray. That Navy aircraft looked much more attractive as a stock one, due to detailed realistic weathering painstakingly applied by the previous owner.

Closer analysis back home revealed the flaps could be bent up slightly under high load factors, only being limited by the servo being stressed. I had encountered that phenomena in a previous FMS P51 and that had led to uncommanded roll inputs during loops or steep turns, and pullout of dives. On the mustang I corrected that with just two small almost invisible strips of carbon where the flaps met the fuselage, resulting in a kind of mechanical uplock point. On my training T28 I choose another solution, and just epoxied small scrap plates of hardwood resting against recesses cutout in the wing blend part of the fuselage. I later painted that white, together...Continue Reading
Posted by BAF23 | Jul 18, 2013 @ 01:53 PM | 26,547 Views
On the 13th of October 1969 when I got towed the by a Stampe SV4, for unknown reasons the cable snapped at the towship side about 100ft high. I released the remaining cable and landed with full spoilers after a sidestep onto the hard runway, just short of the field end. My logbook shows it was with PL54 and I flew the same airframe a month later during my precision landing tests to obtain my glider pilot license. PL54 also had extra orange colored ailerons so the choice as a model was a no brainer.

Picture of the real Ka8 around the turn of the century at Weelde airfield

The 3,5m span Phoenix model was tempting but maybe too big a step so when Parkzone announced the release of their 2m25 foamy I ordered one at my LHS. It is a very nice ARF kit that will satisfy most flyers as coming out of the box. After analyzing the contents I quickly made up my mind about some changes. Luckily only the nose and tail had been factory painted, the rest of the lines and wingtips were adhesives which could be carefully removed. The z-foam fuselage has been factory coated and care must be taken during the peel off of the adhesives because it is easy to tear complete little foam balls out of their pressings. The wing leading edges needed sanding to get rid of unaerodynamic mold lines, and I didn’t like the mold stars sticking out all over the wings, the many mold hole openings on the bottom where the spars and other reinforcements were, the tape over the too deeply pushed aileron...Continue Reading