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Posted by Captain Dunsel | Feb 09, 2021 @ 10:31 AM | 14,526 Views
I like the KFM2 airfoilís performance and easy construction, but I donít like its looks. Trying to smoothly fair military insignia over the abrupt step is a pain. Getting rid of the step, whilst preserving the wing thickness and stall-gentling airfoil front, is my target.

So, I decided to build a simple test model with rubber-banded-on wings, switching between a KFM2 wing and a KFM2 with the area aft of the step filled in (i.e., a Ďfastbackí modification). For that testbed, I picked Ken Willardís Schoolboy.

Of course, Iím trying to kill a flock of birds with one stone. Iím trying several new (to me, at least) building and finishing ideas with the one model. Plus, having just finished a LASER-cut balsa kit, I want to compare my build results with the kit (I wasnít impressed with the kit, so Iím going to refrain from identifying the manufacturer).

Iím not new to building and flying R/C; Iíve been building and flying models for over 60 years. A few years ago, I realized Iíve developed an allergy to balsa, so Iíve switched over to foam. Weíve also moved to a newer, smaller home, with the resultant smaller workshop. That, plus the FAAís possible actions, has led me to build smaller models (happily, my wife is good with flying 8 to 10 ounce models).

I used Schoolboy plans from Outerzone, converted the .pdf to a .jpg, traced the outlines in LibreCAD, then resized them to a 216 in. sq. wing area. As Iíll be using a modern radio, not the escapement Ken Willard...Continue Reading