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Posted by georgy | Dec 23, 2015 @ 02:33 PM | 10,110 Views
Some of my recent creations.. built with 2mm correx..

Cheap light weight electronics gives real good bang for buck.

And did i mention how tough correx is.. very crash survivable!!
Posted by georgy | Oct 31, 2015 @ 11:49 PM | 11,299 Views
Just checked.. back in Rc for only 4 years. Feels like 10 years!

I think today i find myself almost back where i started.. i've owned some pretty nice toys.. all gone! Not crashed, but sold. And a hanger full of "fun" planes. Mostly scratch built.

Why is that? Letting go the realy nice stuff In favour of simple scratch builds??

Cos they give me real joy! Sence of accomplishment when it all comes together!!

Also recently started using correx.. and finding it most usefull in a lot of different applications...

Like SLOT-JETS! One of my all-time fav's...
Posted by georgy | Jan 16, 2013 @ 02:24 PM | 11,051 Views
Confidence has grown... and the squadron at the expence of large chunks of wages!!

Profile jets not flown so often... and some had to donate spares for new builds!

Briefly tried a big gasser 30cc YAK, but I'm too lazy for all that trouble
Sparks is waaaay to easy. (not to mention a huge 30cc airy is not exactly park-friendly. Had to drive too far to fly the YAK)

My interest in EDF was rekindled by my Multiplex Twister... never knew an EDF could be that easy to fly... Then came the SQUALL! What a bird... Almost as easy as a profile jet: Just a helluva lot faster. Man, that thing's addictive on the WOT! (Shame... poor lipos!)

Finally got me a warbird... Rescued a small BF109... which flies crap. Think theres too much flop in the control surfaces. On the bench now also a P47B from LANYU... with curvy ailerons which needs fixing... and a GWS C47. My 1st twin.... which i spent so much time making pretty that I'm now too scared to fly

What next.... 50amp 3550Kv Sniper-cat been on the bench for ever! Really gotto finish it soon....
Posted by georgy | Aug 15, 2012 @ 02:37 PM | 10,985 Views
Sooo... I've been back in flying after 17years! Hours of sim then off to the field with a friend. (Sept 2011) Obviously the crappy chinese foamy had to have a bum rudder servo! Well, that my day! No way... unplug the servo, set the rudder straight & launch.... bout 2 min flight. Perfect. (lucky i had a stubby arial 2.4, else i might have taken an eye out with my shaking!)

In fact, the mayden went so well that i bought a L-39 64mm EDF the next weekend! YA RIGHT! That was an eye-opener to my lack of skill. Still, it survived.

Moved to profile slot-jets & thats been my 1st love ever since. Skyray (with the guts from my 1st foamy TB-20), then an own design MIG-15 followed by a small E/Fighter. Boy, does that little E/F go...

This "hot" E/F led me to try a "performance" jobby. My sport slot-jet running a 450 heli motor... all of 52amps pushing about 1.5-1 power-to-weight ratio. Mayden done but lots of work before the next flight....