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Here is a new video of Charles Ritchel's Flying Machine which he built in 1876.

You can download the model here.

Charles Ritchel's Flying Machine - 1876 (1 min 1 sec)

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More Fun on Super Sunday

Rocket Fun on Super Sunday (2 min 33 sec)

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Only bench tested in contemplation for building a tracker.
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Monsted-Vincent MV-1 Starflight: Speaking of strange looking light transport airplanes, nothing is a lighter transport than the Monsted-Vincent.

In 1948 two WWII Veterans, Robert Monsted and H. Farley Vincent, gave birth to a strange brain child named the Starflight. Built in New Orleans, the Monsted-Vincent was the only four-engined airplane to ever be built in Louisiana. It had four mighty 85hp Continental C-85s in pusher configuration and had seats for six whole people!

The Monsted-Vincent was a very peculiar little airplane. It’s construction could be described as almost barbaric, however it did have some strangely nice features. Firstly, it used 2 position Sensenich “Skyblade” Propellers. It had a retractable gear, although they left gaping holes in the side of the fuselage when they were up. And it had 8 hours of range!!! And I suppose it needed it at 150mph.

The airplane shockingly didn’t seem to attract a swarm of buyers even with the upgrade to Continental O-200s of 100hp. The one and only Monsted-Vincent did seem to fly a lot, but it never amounted to much of anything. The Vincent family owned the aircraft all the way until 1982 when they donated it to the Wedell-Williams museum in Patterson, Louisiana. Sadly, the airplane was badly damaged in two hurricanes in 1992 and 2005 and I don’t know if the remains are still around but I sure hope they are....Continue Reading
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Saw this on cnc kitchen and decided to build it. I actually built it last year, but I needed to make some changes so I figured I would document the whole thing in case anyone wanted to build one.

Filament Dry Box || How to properly store and 3D print Nylon, PC, TPU, PVA... (6 min 46 sec)

First I started with a clear box made by a company called Sterilite that I found at Walmart. The boxes dimensions are 16”l 12”w and 11”h. This box came with a (somewhat) gasketed lid and is big enough for 4 rolls of filament.

I found the rod hanger brackets on thingiverse and the spool holders there also.

Zip file for spool holder attached at bottom of page.

...Continue Reading
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Note to self log :

- so far using the Dollar Tree foam board is working great. in the past built with FFF (blue) FanFoldFoam as it is known. used to get it shipped to me in Fort collins, CO from a Lowes in Kansas. The local stores didn't carry it. I've done some online looking and haven't found it available anymore in 2021. The lowes does carry some foam underlayment in 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm thicknesses. These are floppy (not as rigid as the FFF) and I'm not using that stuff as of yet. Maybe someday...

Using the DT foamboard is still around and still $1 for 20x30 inch piece. The paper peels right off if needed - so easy So i'm enjoying working with it. now that i'm taking care of mom in her declining years I've moved back to Tucson. And it's mid-october so the flying weather is just getting perfect Brought most of my RC stuff from Colorado so i'm ready to build & fly in the wash behind mom's house here. Or the city park across the wash. so handy!

first build back into the hobby is a 120" span scratch build powered glider. Using a wing with 10" chord, easy to build and I'm using carbon arrow shafts for the main spar, again. I've used arrows for building frequently.

i've not built for 10 years now, having taken a break whilst spending my off time at my GF's house in Greeley. Lately, since before Covid, i've spent my pasttime in GTA 5 Online. but that's getting old and i'm up to 110 million dollars in my account so I'll do some R/Cing for a pasttime now. (plus some GTA of course).
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This week brought out some excellent slope soaring conditions for us here in S Florida, high pressure a bit up north and to the east brought in much lower dew points ie less humidity and a very steady flow of wind out of the NE/E at 10-20+ mph, perfect slope soaring conditions for our landfill Pompano Hill site. I should note I have nothing hi tech in either my slope or thermal inventory, I don’t compete anymore in TD and I’m not interested in spending $1k plus on any rc glider. Pictured here are some of my retro slopers, one is the Pilot models Divine Wind built from a short kit, the Douglas models Silhouette, new fuselage and tail surfaces reproduced from plans, Scorpio models Falco, canopy area modified due to midair collision, and finally the Pierce Aero Ridge Rat, no mods, repairs or even total re covering, there are patches however since I built her in 1987.
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Hope to maiden her this weekend
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🧐Yep Les Amis,
Toujours pas cassée !!! lol . De retour sur le terrain pour tester la nouvelle EAT14 de Eachine, copie conforme de la WLTOYS 144001, avec l'évolution Brushless ! Réactive et très maniable sur route, ce petit bolide atteint quand même les 60km/h en 2S et 75km/h en 3S, tout en conservant une excellente tenue de route. La possibilité de régler la vitesse en fait une excellente voiture pour l'initiation ou l'adaptation pour les novices. Très résistante et bien conçue, son système de clips sur les parties fragiles vous évitera pas mal de casse et au pire, les pièces détachées sont nombreuses et disponibles puisque compatibles avec la 144001. Malgré mes tentatives de "Fracassage", lol, pas de bobos, le châssis est robuste, l'aileron tient le coup et les pièces en mouvement se dé-clipsent lors de chocs trop violents ! Pour finir, les amortisseurs sont très efficaces et vous autorisent des sauts de "OUF", mais je vous conseille quand même de travailler vos atterrissages !!! mdr... Prenez soin de vous (et des autres) et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

Eachine EAT14 Buggy Wltoys 144001 EVOLUTION - Review Test Démo - Ma Gopro me déteste ! lol (23 min 0 sec)

🧐NOTATAZ : 17.5/20 Sensations et plaisir !!!
Niveau : Débutant, Amateur
Les + : Châssis Alu, Amortisseurs performants, Bien conçue, Système de clips efficace, Résistante et puissante, 2S et 3S
Les - : Vitesse donnée 75km/h seulement en 3S,...Continue Reading
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Consolidated Liberator Liner: Lately I’ve been concentrating on airplanes that have a surviving example, but the Liberator Liner is part of a cool genre that doesn’t get much attention these days.

At the beginning of the War, companies were trying to adapt their civilian designs for military use. But near the end of the war, the reverse was happening. Companies knew that when the war ended their military production contracts would be up and they would have to find a civilian market again.

The Liberator Liner was a great example of a company trying to adapt a military design for civilian sales. They took the wings of the B-24 “Liberator” and the tail of the PB4Y and added a rounded fuselage which seated 48 passengers. The first prototype was flown in 1944 before the war was even over and initially they got a contract to build them as a military transport but it was canceled before any production started. A second prototype was built with a different model of Pratt & Whitney 1830s but neither airplane brought any sales in.

One of the airplanes was leased to American Airlines as a freighter and that was the only commercial use the design saw. Unfortunately the concept of using military designs for civilian use was mostly dominated by surplus sales so designs like this didn’t succeed too much. The surplus market sent many of the major aviation names reeling in the post-war era....Continue Reading
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Spent two days covering the wing.....Almost 1.5 rolls of yellow...orientation strips on the bottom.

The white splotches are reflected light
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When it comes to FPV the better you can see the faster you can go! Which is maybe why we see so many fast street vehicles and crawlers out there. Camera shake tends to limit speed over rough terrain, larger vehicles have less of an issue with this, but will eventually experience it if driven towards the limits of performance. The solution I've found is to use a gimbal to smooth out most of the motion of the vehicle, also this can be configured to accept RC inputs for pan and tilt. The only limitation is that if the car rolls over the gimbal needs to be reset, however this can be done remotely, it’s not so bad. I'd love to write a step by step on how to duplicate my setup but that’s a bit much at the moment. Instead this is here to let you know that IT WORKS. The gimbal essentially mimics what your neck would do if you were sat in the vehicle, stabilize your head and eyes.

End up with something like this:

IT WORKS REALLY WELL! So do it, here are some general working principles to help ensure your success. Maybe I'm missing something but I can't see a better way to drive fast off-road FPV, even slow crawling over rocks is way more enjoyable as the view is not rolling around all over the place.

A search on aliexpress for 'storm32 3 axis gimbal' will pull up multiple sellers letting these units go for under $100CAD. The specific Storm32 board version I have experience with is 1.3x, it works and it’s the only one I've...Continue Reading
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Hello again, Good People!

This Blog Post is about using today's modern Light Spackle products (in this Blog, I used 3M brand) and Touch-Up Paints (Acrylic) on foam models that are those prized members of our fleet and perhaps more than 10+ years old. This applies to hangar rashes and light crashes as well.

In this example, I am using a model that I recently acquired and learned that I am essentially the fourth (4th) owner and it is known as the E-Flite P-51D Dallas Doll Mustang and customized in German Captured Clothing. This is a good example because the model was customized from the very first (1st) owner way back in 2014.

Here's one post that I found from the First (1st) Owner of this model I am using to provide a better appearance due to time, hangar rash and other issues such as using the wrong type of Paint that damages this foam, for example.

Okay, I have broken down at

Inspection & Preparation:

Just take your time and look over the model carefully. I observed that the Left Top side of the Horizontal Stab was damaged due to the Yellow Paint "Type" used on the customization for having it look as the German Captured Trainer unit. Also, the Side and Bottom frontal FUSE area (Below the Engine Exhaust Blisters) had the same type of damage of contact with the wrong type of paint.

I found some voids (Foam cells that had too much separation) and indentations (handling & Hangar Rash)...Continue Reading
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W.I.P. : I will get photos and video etc when it stops raining. The buggy is similar to the previous Wltoys 1/28 , 1/28, 1/18 cars so should handle a little mistreatment , it will be interesting to see if it can handle abuse over a period of time ( off road jumps etc ). As this model is well over a year old there are plenty of videos to watch expanding the cars life with brushless motors etc so i will link to a few of them until i can add my own.


Model: 144001 1/14 scale off road buggy
Approx speed: 60km/H
Oil filled shocks
4 Wheel Drive
Front and Rear Differential
Front and Rear adjustable Toe-in/Toe-out
ESC: brushed ESC combined with 2.4ghz receiver
Motor: brushed 550
Battery: 7.4v 1500MAH

Frequency: 2.4G
Battery: 4XAA battery(not included)
others Charge time: 3h
Using time: 7min
Control distance: 100m
Function: forward,backward,left,right
Proportional control: proportional control

Size: 31*20.5*11cm
Package size: 41.5*23*15cm
Weight: 1800g


You can choose the follow cars too:

Wltoys 144001 7.4v 2600mah Battery Two Or Three Battery Version

Wltoys 144001 7.4v 1500mah Battery Two Or Three Battery Version

Wltoys 144001 7.4v 2600mah Single Battery Version

The old version and the new version will be delivery in random.The new version car's on/off is on the ESC,but the old version is in dependent.

1. The chassis of the car body is made using high-strength aluminum alloy.
2. High efficiency 550 strong magnetic motor.
3. Zinc alloy gears, strong wear resistance.
4 .Using hardware oil pressure shock absorbers.

Package includes:
1*RC Car
1*Rechargeable battery(built-in)

Wltoys 144001 1/14 2.4G 4WD High Speed Racing RC Car Vehicle Models 60km/h (1 min 25 sec)

1:14 Race buggy for under $90, WLtoys 144001 full review (16 min 0 sec)

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who can provide data on being chased by a hawk or whatever?
i ask because i got chased by a hawk.
i was flying my 2 meters electric glider midmorning. when climbing i noticed a bird following my plane but quit when i was near 200 meters.
then i got into a thermal for a while but when lost it and reached 100 meters here the bird came back, this time to remain following my plane and attacking it, sometimes getting very close. i changed direction but here it came until landed. the bird landed at a place so next flight i avoided that area and it did not chase my plane again.
could be that it was nesting?
any1 with experience with something similar is welcome.
here are some videos showing attacks:
speaking of hawks, once i made 2 planes that look like birds. 1 left it white (looks like a gull), and the other painted like a hawk. i quit flying it because as soon as i launched it, all birds disappeared.
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Episode 138: "The Best of BEST" is now live!

In this episode, the gang talks about all the fun they had at the recent BEST event in Houston.
-BEST Returns (6:15)
-New Creations (14:35)
-Fitz's Autogyro (30:05)
-Plywood Overcast (37:50)
-Sparky's Twin Otter (48:40)
-Saturday Fun (1:00:30)
-Fitz's New Project (1:20:30)
-Lee's List (1:26:00)
-Lee's P-47 (1:33:40)
-Fitz Glamps (1:53:00)
-Phlat Update (1:57:20)
-NEAT Corrections (2:00:45)
-1/2A Projects (2:11:00)
-Wings Over Houston (2:26:30)

You can visit our website at to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.

We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us an email: [email protected].
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After this engine test, the engine started to give problems. In this startup process, the engine had to be above half throttle to start. After troubleshooting, replacing the muffler to have access to the idle needle and opening it a bit, the engine continued with the same fault. Would not start at idle or with throttle below half travel.
After a while, it stopped starting at all. Fuel was getting to the combustion chamber. As a matter of fact it was very wet with gas. Checked the spark and it was very weak. The battery voltage was perfect. Eliminated the ignition switch to insure that the juice got directly to the ignition.
Just purchased a new CH ignition and will try it next week. Hope that was the problem.

A video of the FW 190 A "Schneewittchen" taxing while the engine still ran.

Blanca Nieves (2 min 28 sec)

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"Super Sunday"

Usually, the Sunday morning of the last day of the Small Model Airplane Lovers League Fly-In will see the gang packing up their gear and maybe sneaking in some last flights before hitting out for home.

The place is typically deserted by noon or earlier, but for some of the local members bringing their larger planes out to fly.

Not this time. Maybe because Saturday flying was hampered by winds on the backside of a Friday night storm front, a BUNCH of model airplane flyers stayed through to fly in the perfect weather of Sunday.

This Sunday crowd could have passed for a standard gang to be expected on any of the "Prime" days of a S.M.A.L.L. Fly-In. The Planes, and Helicopters, and Drones, and Rockets/Rocket-Assisted Planes kept Sky Tiger Field hopping 'till late in the day.

I'll be editing photos and videos of the whole event for a while after I get home, but here are a few snapshots and early videos of the fun on Sunday:

Steve's Retro RC 1951 Flying Wing (3 min 11 sec)

A 1952 Mac's Robot Antique Model Airplane at Fall S.M.A.L.L. 2021 (6 min 43 sec)
...Continue Reading
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It is about 2 years now that I have this model. The plan has been downloaded from internet (but I will also supply it here) and resized for 55 cm (22") wingspan.
A friend of mine built a cnc cutting machine so he cut the deprom for me (all pieces in depron 6 mm). I did assemble it and finished with the german colors.

Main features are :
motor 2204 - 2300kv ( got from banggood sale)
prop 5x4.5
ESC BlHeli 30A opto
UBEC 5V - 3A
servo 2x 9gr.
receiver Orange
weight 175 gr without battery
battery 3s 1000mAh

Video has been shooted with zoom 2x and I must recognise that I am improving in keeping plane in the frame.

MIG 29 (5 min 1 sec)