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ME 163 111218 Trim2 (7 min 38 sec)

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Vista Bucking Bronco
Vista bucking bronco (4 min 15 sec)

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was told about Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson's patients 2 months into the program I have lost 10# and 2 1/2 inches. A GREAT PROGRAM for coordination, flexibility and balance.............. and it;s about what YOU can do NOT what you cannot do. I can testify what it has done for me and recommend it for you.
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Hi there guys,

Another radio? What do I need another radio for huh? Well to be honnest I definately don't NEED an extra radio, but I do like flying toy-grade quads around (indoors).
Those quads usually come with pretty nasty radio's, so to upgrade that experience I opted for this new Jumper T12 with Multi Protocol Module

The radio is even available with Hall Effect gimbals (the Plus version) but I opted for the base model myself.

Link to both versions: Jumper T12 (plus) low-cost radio with lots of protocols

In this topic I'll let you know what my experience with this radio is like, but I'd allso be very interested to read Your findings..
First an intro with my initial impressions of the radio:

Jumper T12 (plus) Multi Protocol Radio - 1 Detailed Intro (23 min 18 sec)

Allso.. here is my playlist of general OpenTX Info Video's:
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Preface: Recently, I found some foreigners used the asymmetrical models that the forearm is X shape and the rear arm is positive X shape which can enhance the stability of high speed and turn.
Thus, The FALCON220 is made by the combination of X shape and positive X shape , having Latest motor GTS V2 equipped with one-piece housing RCIN + RUSH TANK + FOXEER Camera & FOXEER Antenna.
In addition, I used the old durable AIRBOT that is the old configuration that blew up the rack earlier because the new version of FC is used up.
Here is the video:
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2pcs 3,7v 380mah lipo Batterie und ladegert fr 2pcs Kabel jjrc jjr / c h37 Mini - Baby Elfie Quadcopter
von Generic
Geben Sie die erste Bewertung fr diesen Artikel ab
Preis: EUR 15,98
Angebotspreis: EUR 11,19 GRATIS-Versand fr Bestellungen ab EUR 29 und Versand durch Amazon. Details
Sie sparen: EUR 4,79 (30%)
Alle Preisangaben inkl. deutscher USt. Weitere Informationen.

Dieser Artikel kann nicht nach China geliefert werden. Siehe Details
Verkauf durch RCdeals und Versand durch Amazon. Fr weitere Informationen, Impressum, AGB und Widerrufsrecht klicken Sie bitte auf den Verkufernamen. Geschenkverpackung verfgbar.
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hi dear friend
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With most of my models I can taxi around and if needed go to System Setup on my DX9 and look at something or adjust a setting. RF is disabled and when I do this one of my models starts up the motor at low throttle. Of course I go back to transmitting and the motor stops turning. I then disconnect the drive battery and resume my System Setup work then go back to powering up the ESC and receiver. I bind all of my models with the throttle off and with loss of signal the motor stays off. Not sure if its an anomaly or faulty ESC. An arming switch, or plug would be nice to have in or on the model but most do not use it. Ive purchased and used the Deans Safety Plug but want to know the source of the problem. Any one have some ideas?
Posted by Blaze0021 | Yesterday @ 10:55 PM | 391 Views
Saluting all who have served, past, present, and future. Thank you for your service and commitment to our country. God bless you all.

Eflite FJ-2 Fury 70mm EDF Jet - Veterans Day 60-Second Tribute Flight (1 min 8 sec)

A Veterans Day 60-second tribute flight in my Eflite North American FJ-2 Fury. 🔥

Thank you for watching!
Posted by JeffMac | Yesterday @ 07:54 PM | 494 Views
All -

Scanned from my original issue of May 1938 Popular Aviation Paul Lindberg's Curtiss P37 fighter.

Feel free to download these full size plans.....


Posted by Bill M - RC | Yesterday @ 06:09 PM | 543 Views
Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Jumper T12 Plus review. This Jumper T12 plus Open TX Multi-protocol Radio Transmitter with JP4-in-1 RF Module and Hall Sensor Gimbals review includes unboxing, features, overview, compatible protocols & basic functions.

You can get this here:

Jumper T12 Plus review - Open TX Multi protocol Radio Transmitter (8 min 57 sec)

Posted by yours truly | Yesterday @ 04:16 PM | 559 Views
Just picked up this new blade 360 cfx 3s version the other day and loving it. Before this my biggest heli was the 180 cfx.

Blade 360 cfx 3s at the park (4 min 22 sec)

Posted by jetpilotrich | Yesterday @ 01:19 PM | 637 Views
So far this looks like a sweet Work Stand... I will plan to put out a future video of its use in the field with various models


CREW ZINN FLIGHT DECK Work Stand & Cg Tester By: RCINFORMER (7 min 34 sec)

Posted by thijs slotman | Yesterday @ 11:27 AM | 667 Views
Posted by TinkleWid | Yesterday @ 10:13 AM | 680 Views
I still think this footage is better than the output of the Runcam Split Mini 2 footage. It's not quite as good as as a Go Pro. The bitrate is fast enough to deal with the sunlight. I'm still working out if the caddx turtle latency and if it affects my flying.

3 INCH FPV QUAD 🐢 CADDX TURTLE v2 🐢 A Bit of Winter Sun in a Cool New Spot (2 min 48 sec)

Equipment Used:
Flying the Kwad Karl (Bando Racer 3) BR3 Frame
XJB 145 build and motors
Caddx Turtle v2
VRD2 Pro Goggle
Jumper T8SG
Gemfan 3052

Best firmware versions dated 7th September 2018

Caddx Turtle Settings: 1080p 60FPS
Wide FoV
7 saturation
0 Sharpness
5 Contrast
5 Brightness
EV -0.3
WDR on

Ensure you lower the sharpness to 0 unless using another lens

Caddx Turtle V2 is NOT ALWAYS SHIPPED WITH THE LATEST FIRMWARE 😱😱 The latest firmware is AMAZING 😱😱
(Note: How to repair a bricked Caddx Turtle with black screen)

How to repair a bricked Caddx Turtle from a firmware update

September Firmware - works with v2 and soon to be tested with v1 board

How to update Caddx Turtle firmware (step-by-step):