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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Apr 22, 2015 @ 03:06 PM | 11,295 Views
This is my first BlogPost so be easy on me :-P

I am comparing recordings with the "new" AW/AE lock feature turned on and off, but first, a little "background info"

After looking for a second camera (the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition serves me well but I did not want to spend the same amount of money again^^) I decided to test the Mobius with the Lens C

+ FOW is insane but nice
+ Form factor is nice
+ Weight is lower compared to the GPH3B.

- no 1080p60 recording (what youtube now supports)
- less dynamic range than the GoPro

The plan was to get rid of the all black shadows (by sacrificing a bit of the highlights) since that is what I hate the most about mobius footage.

I tried different settings for getting an, in my eye, more appealing to watch mini quad racing video buy trying to put the available dynamic range to capture what I want and not what I don't need^^

Settings are as shown here, but Exposure set to +80 and Contrast to -15:

As a side note, to unlock the AE and AW lock feature you most likely need to update your firmware, I am using 2.33 as of right now.

Results without AE and AW lock

FPVMaidenCobraPOV Testing: Mobius // Cobra CM2204 2300kv // HQ5045 BullNose (1 min 51 sec)

FPVMobiusCobraLostVideoCrash // Mobius AE & AW (1 min 40 sec)
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