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Posted by JohnnyMc | Oct 14, 2013 @ 02:37 AM | 9,730 Views
Finally took my Atomik MM450 rc bike to a nearby track, the Lompoc Valley Race Track in Lompoc, California. Conditions were hardpack, dry, dusty, and bumpy in some areas. Bike has the e-gyro thanks to Atomik RC, a 16mm big bore rear shock thanks Chris Haertel, and some aluminum rear shock mounting bits for strength thanks to Chris at Other setup notes include old worn tires front and back and my throttle EPA was set to only 75% with 11t pinion, 4800kv 550 motor, and 2s of course.

This was the first time out with the bike to this track in over 1.5 years, and only maybe my 3rd or 4th time out in that long if I include running my sc10 2wd truck, so plenty of room for improved lap times. The track had a section closed off for repair and a week after I went out the track had a Sunday race. I got the best lap times from each class for same layout and here is a comparison in lap times to my bike (note: they had a watered track I didn't):

1/8 buggy best lap: 23.6s
4wd best lap: 25.6s
2wd best lap: 26.6s
1/10 buggy best lap: 28.8s
* MM450 best lap: 36s (plenty of room for improvement!)

Ryan Villopoto Replica MM450 RC Bike At Lompoc Race Track (8 min 42 sec)

Posted by JohnnyMc | May 16, 2013 @ 11:41 PM | 12,909 Views
Check out the July 2013 issue of RC Car Action and you will see my Ryan Villopoto replica Atomik MM450 rc dirt bike in the Readers' Rides section!

Posted by JohnnyMc | May 03, 2013 @ 01:31 AM | 12,408 Views
Finished up my "other" bike so thought I would share. No rider unfortunately. I have more photos if interested on my site

Posted by JohnnyMc | Mar 25, 2013 @ 02:38 AM | 12,808 Views
This is my Atomik MM450 (really its a VMX450 from 2011, but it has been upgraded to current MM450 model). Time spent was approx. 2 months. Yeah I could have worked faster but between family and work I was feeling burned out a lot of the time to be honest. First month was spent on rider details, which I painted by hand vs using stickers back on my 2010 replica rider. Second month was spent on painting a clear body and making the graphics. I tried to raise the bar above my previous 2010 RV replica I did back in when the vmx450 released in early 2011. You can click my name to see previous blog posts/photos or on my website too under my blog in menu. Here's a few photos, but I have more at

I guess if Im going to do this right, I should thank all my "sponsors" just like the real RV would do on the podium aye? So...Special thanks to CHktm and Throttlejunkie for all your help on these bikes plus the special polished adjusters and lower shock mount. I'd like to give a shout out to Fast Eddy Bearings for getting the absolute best bargain anywhere for bearings on this bike. Finally thank you to shops like 2wheelhobbies, forums like rcgroups, and to all the rc dirt bike fans. (POP'S CORK - yeah Im a dork lol.). Time to tear it up!

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Posted by JohnnyMc | Feb 12, 2013 @ 01:12 PM | 11,576 Views
Started another replica of Ryan Villopoto #1 for my Atomik (mm450) r/c dirt bike. I did one 2 years ago so now doing a proper 2013 complete version of rider and bike. Rider is now finished. I used Anahiem Round 1 of supercross this year as reference with RV wearing Thor Phase Coil LE gear. Also added mirrored lense with tear off strip. Time to finish the bike now.
Reference pic:

Rider with base colors, no sponsors yet:

Finished rider:
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Posted by JohnnyMc | Jul 19, 2012 @ 03:56 PM | 11,643 Views
Work on the only website dedicated to rc dirt bikes is progressing little by little. See what Ive accomplished so far...


Thank you,
Posted by JohnnyMc | Jun 19, 2012 @ 12:57 AM | 11,468 Views
See previous blog posts about creation of the replica rc dirt bike of Ryan Villopoto. Here's the video I made for it, posted on my youtube channel RC Dirt Bike Action


Ryan Villopoto Replica VMX450 1/4 Scale RC Dirt Bike (2 min 46 sec)

Posted by JohnnyMc | Apr 05, 2012 @ 05:37 PM | 12,048 Views
Hi everyone,
Im just trying to increase spotlight on r/c dirt bikes. RCGroup Motorcycle is great, but just not enough. This hobby needs some serious attention so I thought Id try to help. I have a vision and now trying to make it reality as best I can.

First thing I did was to create a youtube channel to organize videos out on the internet so a person interested in bikes could browse the best of the best without endless searching, not knowing what key words to use. So far, Ive linked to 160 videos soley about rc dirt bikes, organized into playlists ranging from how-to, motard, bashing, and racing!

Ultimately, the goal this year is to get website going, but I wanted a social site I could use to mirror that information. Facebook is really becoming integral part of websites nowdays and Im already a user so I have started a facebook page:

I just started it this week, but tried to at least get a few things posted. It will get way better, heck it cant be worse than before, which was NOTHING. lol Check it out and "LIKE" it if, you know, you actually like it.

Posted by JohnnyMc | Nov 04, 2011 @ 01:06 AM | 12,555 Views
This summer, after the work I did on my replica Ryan Villopoto graphics I made for my vmx, I wondered if it would be good enough for a reader ride in a magazine. Answer is YES apparently. RC Driver liked it and I got a free subscription to the magazine too. September 2011 Issue.
Posted by JohnnyMc | Aug 12, 2011 @ 11:45 AM | 12,712 Views
As I was looking around the WWW for media and websites about r/c dirt bikes, I thought it would be nice to have all these cool videos I come across to be grouped together in a convienent location. Maybe there are some you havnt seen before. Helps me, maybe others will find it useful too, and hell maybe it will help promote this part of the r/c industry further. So, I created a youtube channel specifically for rc dirt bikes with playlists for Racing, Track Sessions, Motard, and Bashing/Freestyle. Enjoy!
Posted by JohnnyMc | Jun 14, 2011 @ 03:21 AM | 14,661 Views
Last build log was about changing my VMX rc bike into a replica of Ryan Villopoto's bike 2011 bike, who just happened to win the championship. Well this time its about changing the foam rider from stock to a replica of Ryan's riding gear. I picked his THOR Core Dagger Black/White gear worn at the LA Supercross and Salt Lake City in 2011, along with Alpinestar Tech10 boots.

Backing up a bit here but before painting the rider, I experimented with reducing the weight in an attempt to lower the COG to help the gyro forces in the bike's rear wheel. Surgery included dremeling the inside of his head, cutting his chest open and dremeling out inside, and dremeling the the inside of his legs from waist down to boot in a way that is not visible. I then modified the rider's stance from an almost vertical casual stance to a racing stance that is lower. This required a wedge cut out of his front waist area to get the rider lean I needed. I also had to modify direction of his arms cutting/shortening them. It looks better and also benefits lowering riders COG maybe a little. He was glued up with CA glue. In error I used thick CA when thin was suggested. I do have some issues with the glue being too hard and the soft foam cracking near by however so far he's holding up. The final area I worked on was the foam riders chest protector molded into the foam. I was not a fan and dremeled off some of that foam. I think that was a mistake because it exposed core foam which doesnt look good and...Continue Reading
Posted by JohnnyMc | Mar 24, 2011 @ 02:06 AM | 26,421 Views
Im ready for supercross (well, my bike is at least)! About a month of work on graphics program called Gimp, which is just like photoshop but free. Intent was to create a skin that I could put on outside of body. I almost did it. In the end to save on stress of it taking so long, I resorted to some painting of outside of body. Since I was going to paint that ugly white under the fenders, I painted the seat as well. I need some black but didnt have it, resorted to markers dang it.

I have no confidence in the sticker sheet material I purchased, so Im expecting this to be my basher body that wont last. In 2010, before I got my vmx, it was a toss up between villopoto's bike and dungee's. I went with #2 since vmx body was green anyways. The biggest issue was dealing with the amount of curves in the body. I ended up needed to make relief cuts in the stickers due to the different directions the stickers/body wrapped around.

Another concern is with painting the plastic frame. I went around to different stores: automotive, walmart, and office supply. I took a gamble and purchased a combo silver/gold set of paint pens at Staples office supply. A sample area looked ok so I started with the motor first. From there I just could seem to stop as it just didnt look right until frame was completely painted. Since the vmx body has a part of the frame (in black) going up to gas tank, I figured painting everything along with the graphics would look cool. You decide.

Heres my facebook album too

Now the problem is the rider doesnt match so of course I have to go all out on him now, so stay tuned for that.

Here's the real thing used for reference:

Here is my VMX:

Posted by JohnnyMc | Aug 09, 2010 @ 02:13 AM | 13,781 Views
So Im waiting for the VMX450 rc dirt bike to come out. Ive also been clearing the backyard for many moons in preperation for laying down some grass. However, I have some finances that need to get resolved before considering dumping more $ into this house. So what can I do while I wait around? Well, I got just enough room to make a arenacross track for an rc dirt bike, and its free too. Pretty standard layout with outside sweeping left turn to a lane of whoops, 180 into 2 sets of triples, 180 into catapult finish line, and 180 to sweep around. The real issues is spacing of jumps. I dont have the bike so I cant really gauge spacing so Im just trying to visualize what 1/4 scale arenacross would be. All I know is I want to whip that bike over the catapult finish and record it in slow motion to get people fired up for racing.

R/c dirt bike arenacross track is born 8/8/2010...