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Some real props are due to my dear friend Jeff out in northern Georgia.

Jeff is not a hobbyist, but he enjoys the work and the blogs I do here and elsewhere and he coined an interesting new synonym for an R/C model plane.

"Clanger." After all, do model planes not crash - or clang - on occasion?

Therefore, it's my pleasure to update my blog with a progress report on the newly christened Rat Clanger.

The engine was a wee bit gummy, although some WD-40 and a bit of exercise with an electric starter loosened it up. The glow plug was good, compression nice and high and the carburetor worked freely.

The engine is an O.S. Max 28F two-stroke from the 1980s. Most of the patina is likely from sitting rather than use and it looks perfect on this model. I've had it for about four years and heaven only knows when it had last run. Today would be the day that I would connect the fuel tank and throttle rod from my test stand, set the carb and give 'er a go.

That little O.S. fired up with a small blip of the starter and idled beautifully! It even ran up to full throttle perfectly. Here was an engine which was at least thirty years old returning to life as if nothing had happened. That's a real testament to the quality of O.S. engines and now I feel confident to proceed!
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this year I have 4 planes to maiden; FMS Me109F, Flite line f4u-1 corsair, Extreme Focke Wulf 190 A, Black Horse Macchi202.

FMS Me109 arrived with 2 stripped flap servos, and the spoons on the elevators bent in opposite directions so far that even full elevator deflection would not bring them to neutral. I had one of these in 2012 and I left it in the car all summer and the foam got brittle. i replaced the servos with slightly bigger ones, then left the plane in the car all day. surprisingly we got enough sun to bring them back enough to encourage me so i pre stressed the spoons and in about a week they were acceptable.

test flight was uneventful i forgot how light this plane was. i added the zip tie mod and have a vibration at top end so don't think it gained me anything. so at some point i will probably replace the long blades with the short ones with no zip tie

Flite line f4u-1 corsair - I had this plane for ever it seams. initially hooked it up to the blue box and all was good w the world. then as the months rolled by the reports of blue box failures started to come in. having a little experience with circuit boards and a flight line spit I made sure the E,A, and R all went directly to the rx. when the rain broke I took it to the field and the flaps would not work. to test that I did not have the tx setup wrong I plugged the flap plug from the blue box to the aileron rx and still nothing. so back home I ran the flaps directly to the rx and looked up which lg...Continue Reading
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Crashes, ROG, Tricks, Formation, Hand catches, Enjoy!!

Flying FUN!! H-King High Performance Paramotor! From HobbyKing (8 min 3 sec)

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Got a new video on the J3 cub with onboard flight footage.

Great Planes J3 Cub ARF (4 min 22 sec)

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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

These Makerfire FPV Race Hoops are great for indoor Whoop Racing. I show unboxing, quality, dimensions and a short video of these being used for indoor tiny whoop fpv racing.

You can get sets of 3 of these Makerfire FPV Race Hoops here:

Makerfire FPV Race Hoops review & rc share - Whoop racing (3 min 49 sec)

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樹脂の硬化待ち時間にdive planeの造作も行う。
スケグのようなところにdive planeを設置するので、側面に0.5㎜厚のFRP板を貼り付けて、ホーンが
カーボン繊維を撚ってから平らにしてあるので、リンケージの穴を空けても裂けることはないはず 。
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Our new web site

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Growler X1 1/6 scale 2WD electric desert buggy (8s) (0 min 16 sec)

Testing Video from our customer, the desert buggy " Growler X1 " is racing with monster power!
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hi guys.after spending over half my life in prison i decided to give back and now run a progect at first helping 6 kids but we were donated numerous items so now teach 12 children who are in trouble alot in my area and whos parents i know.we recently finished a build they did to learn soldering they want to build a power house racer with punch and power.we have some wild willy juice motors ect but was getting a few ideas from numerous people.what parts you recomend.frame.props ect.possible 3 inch.budget isnt high so any help is appriciated guys.
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It has taken a while ! But at last some thin cyno arrived today !
This meant I could repair the Mini DLG pro's carbon boom .

I was a little liberal with the thin cyno , and after the application I gave the boom some cure time .
Using a bit of muscle , I could not detect any issues ( bending / twisting )
I also wrapped the boom with some cotton thread which was also cyno'ed , just for a little extra load bearing .

Then I epoxied the pod to the boom . Once the epoxy cured , I started the assembly process .

Well , it's back together .
Just went out to my CG test area and Chucked the Mini DLG pro for CG and trimming .
I will give the epoxy more time to cure and then go out and DLG ...
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Had another nice day to take the FT Tiny Trainer out for a flight.

Another relaxing FT Tiny Trainer flight (3 channel) and chat (14 min 1 sec)

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I can't stop buying and flying them aaaaaaaaaaaaa
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Current specials at the moment:
  • Happymodel Sailfly-x for $80-82
  • 3s 300mah batteries for $8 each
  • New emax tinyhawk-s for $89
  • New Runcam 5 for $92
  • Emax Eco 2306 1700kv or 2400kv $11 each
  • FRSKY XM+ $12
  • FRSKY QX7 $99

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Thoughts on these ? Am looking for my first fpv goggles and wondering if this is a good pair of goggles or would you recommend another budget pair. Thanks!
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While doing the wiring this morning on the FlyFly Duke B60 with its Callie Graphics decals, I couldn't resist sending a beauty shot to a friend.

The factory decals and paint are anything but prototypically correct for the full-scale HK-4628-G, but Callie Soden did her usual magnificent job based on the original decal sheet which I forwarded and color correction based on photos of the real thing. The tail number is a bit large (same as with the factory decals), but again, Callie came through not only with a font closer to the original, she made separate drop shadows as well. Instead of the vague, three-color Colombian flag on the original decal sheet, Callie came through with a perfect representation including the device in the center of the flag. Just beautiful!

The new E-flite ESCs are waiting at the hobby shop and some red and green LEDs for the nav lights are on their way. More and better pictures to come when it's finished.
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ok got the new video up ( after making fixes).


Wingspan 54in
weight 4.2lb
APC 13x8
4s 2200-3300 batteries

The Yak 54 (3 min 47 sec)

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It's taken a year and a half but finally done and flown
For details-check out my thread:
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We removed the last of our non-fixed assets from the field we've leased since 2005 last Saturday. I had not intended to go back but it was a duty. The biggest thing we had to remove was the tractor shed. It was a modular construction so it wasn't that difficult but it did require some exertion. We also removed all San Antonio Prop Buster signs and painted over those we could not remove. While we technically still lease the field until the end of August, it's clear we are no longer in control, so we just wanted to disassociate our name from any potential issues.

Some people brought planes to fly but not me. I flew there once after the notification but I didn't like it very much. I've already joined two other local clubs to have a place to fly, both with better facilities. I didn't join them before because I'm a loyal SAPB member since '84, so I flew there. It was no problem for me but I knew people who stayed away from it because they felt it was too hazardous to their aircraft. We sort of got this field from a (then) generous offer from a local flyer, that sort of turned into a trap, when we lost both of our previous fields. I believe we are going to take a much more judicious approach to finding another field.