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For the very first time I had the opportunity to see our Stanley at Moon Port Modelers RC Club come with his Giant Foam FMS F4U Corsair and he was originally looking for another instructor, however, I was the only Instructor there!

He had not flown this large mammoth F4U Corsair in a few weeks and he wanted someone to Take-Off and Trim it.

Well, I came over to the table and right off the bat the Rudder didn't seem to be working so, I told him to check for connections. Sure enough, below this sound card there was an incorrect connection and he finally made good and rudder starting working. My only concern was that the model started to re-activate itself with the slightest hand intrusion. I was thinking to myself, I hope this does NOT happen in the AIR.

After several checks and re-checks, it was time to pick this large Corsair off the table and I was just SHOCKED how heavy it was! This thing weighs much more than my Hanger9 50-Size F4U Corsair! I am pretty sure this thing has some kind of Ball Bearings buried inside that Frontal FUSE as it is just shocking how heavy.

I placed the model on our textile runway and we walked back to the Pilots station. Stanley handed me the Transmitter and asked him which switch for what (i.e., Throttle Kill etc....etc....). I asked him if the last instructor used Flaps for take-off and he said NO. I asked him again, ARE YOU SURE? This thing is heavy! He replied once again, NO.

I throttle easy while applying RIGHT...Continue Reading
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came up with a nifty-to-me sdr application. spent a weekend implementing a software prototype and proving it out with a simulation.

our second son was born. he's been a joy.

picked up a thinkpad for netbsd for when the time comes to migrate from osx. even less time for tinkering remains; each day is a 16 hour marathon.

i've been taking my older son flying in the right seat. 5 is a great age.

no opportunities to use the part 107 cert presented themselves. i did finally get my instrument rating; maybe i will pursue the commercial next year.
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Was more tail heavy than I thought....tuning for better inverted flight
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Most recent project. Ships from the new movie, a revised version of the A-Wing and the TIE Silencer. Both planes are built out of 9mm EPP with two HXM2730-3000 motors on 3s and 5inch props

Star Wars Dogfight (4 min 30 sec)

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This text was posted in the Heron thread.

Wednesday I had the day off, and went early to the slope. Just before I got to the launch spot, it started to rain. I took shelter under some juniper in a crevice. Some twenty minutes later the rain faded. I assembled the Heron and launched it.

The flight was nice. It took a while to position the plane right; its much bigger than the ones I fly the most. My flying buddy Dan showed up while I was in the air. I stalled the Heron out a few times and tried to provoke it, it would drop a wing and fall, easily recovered with opposite aileron. Last time I flew the Heron the conditions were seriously difficult and somehow today I felt less connected. Typically, when things get hard I stop thinking entirely and fly by natural feel and that is usually the best flow!

Eventually, the light fog caused my glasses to get wet and my gloves too so I went around to Ēhover landí while my fingers still moved. I did not use the crow brake, I just let it sink. I had it right where I wanted it and walked closer to really spot land it. All was looking good but it suddenly dropped the right wing about 3 m above the ground and went down, wingtip first.

Parts were everywhere. It looked really bad. But it was not bad at all. First, it landed in the heather, not on the rock face. Secondly, the genius wing mount design did the job - wings fell off, canopy fell off. The fuse cracked like a hinge and a plastic wing mount broke off.

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I'm thinking of recording my process of building up a solid model of an aircraft. Due to the sweet scale documents I have, i'm going to deviate a bit from the way that for example Dean (roscoedude) has done in his awesome SW tutorials. That process can be mimicked pretty closely in Inventor too so I'll try and talk about that also on the way and point out the differences. No guarantee though

Here are few pics to get started. Due to school and family stuff, this will be fairly slow process but we'll get there.

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In Mod 1 I added Retracts, LEDís, Invasion Stripes and a few other details for those that missed it the link is P47X Mod1 Build. I decided what the heck, why should the Giant RC guys have all the fun so I decided to attempt to also have sound in my UMX P47X.

I used the Benedini TBS-Mini Sound Unit and a PUI transducer rather than a speaker. Itís a great little unit and Thomas did a great job designing it.

Originally I mounted the transducer (speaker) to the top fuselage with the sound unit over it. This converts the upper fuselage into one big speaker. It is simply glued to upper fuselage which now acts as a speaker.

Iíve since moved the transducer back about an inch directly under the Ninja Pilot for better CG. I was getting quite a few nose overís on landing and this shifts the cg back a bit as shown below. This also gives a better CG point and compensates for no longer allowing the battery to go as far aft as it used to since the sound unit now blocks it.

The sound card is mounted to a shelf on the upper fuselage next to the transducer (originally below it). The red connector on the left is used to program the unit and the pins on the right are inputs/outputs; throttle in, power, ground, ledís etc.

When I moved the transducer aft I also raised the sound unit shelf towards the pilot for more clearance above the receiver and this is the latest location of the sound unit with the transducer aft of it.

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The Santa quads from Gearbest and Banggood can be whooped and are a lot of fun. Plus you can make the whole thing for only $25.

Check out the build on my site with some handy tips and tricks.

PS the onboard sound is hillariousy loud and obnoxious!

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Always nice how it looks in the bones !

Next step I was thinking of is the installation of the ESC's and wiring before planking.
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I think pure speed is only for onroad?
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I think pure speed is only for onroad?
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Looks like Spektrum (HorizonHobby) is going to push BattGo / XT60i and I really hope this will help it take off... all I want to do is not worry about which lipos I (can) charge at 10A and which at 2A every time and just plug them in and hit start charging

Spektrum™ Smart Technology - Redefining Connectivity and Simplicity in RC (2 min 48 sec)

Spektrum™ Smart Technology - Redefining Connectivity and Simplicity in RC (1 min 49 sec)
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Bob Eger has gone above and beyond the call of duty to locate and present me with Weetamoe. Bob is a great person, made me feel like family.