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Lipo uncut in this nasty bando!

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Review Update - AR5202-A Micro 4CH Receiver with 3-Axis Gyro & Brushless ESC

Here is a link to the Video:

After having found some information on an RC Groups Discussion Thread regarding this board I was able to email an engineer regarding this board.
The answer I received was as I feared, you cannot correct the settings on this board without their proprietary software and a programming board and cable.
The board has their proprietary firmware installed with Elevon Mixing for a Wing!
This board is not suitable for anything other than a Wing!

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

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I recently was given a Bunker Boat that belonged to a Dentist Dr Albert Marschall who built it in 1991-1994. It has an Award from an Orlando RC Club. I am trying to get all New Batteries since it has been sitting in a wrapper in a garage since 2005 when the Dr. passed away. I figure the batteries are not good. Anyone remember this boat and or ideas of batteries in which I know are differrent nowadays. Bunker Runner
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I owned two Precision Aerobatics (PA) planes years ago before I joined a club. A Mini Kitana and an Addiction. I didn't build them and the only reason I had them is the LHS gave me a great deal on both of them because one of the employees damaged them a little while "testing" them. They were supposed to hang on my wall until I was ready for balsa and balsa repairs. About a year later I was tired of flying mostly alone and joined a local flying club. One afternoon a guy I'm friends with started going on about his two PA planes he sold and missed. Long story short, he got his planes back and I got wall space back. He was very grateful. It was worth it.

I've been flying for almost 8 years now. I didn't fly the PAs, but I do have an old balsa E-Flite Cessna 150 Acrobat 250 I picked up 2 years ago and take out from time to time. It has survived so far and I am happy with it. The rest of my collection has been foam and almost entirely Horizon. There is a balsa Slick 3D sitting in its box in my basement for two years too, but I didn't put in the time to learn about balsa assembly and repair. I didn't feel ready. Plus, why balsa when we have all this wonderful foam stuff that is easily repaired. That started changing after having a few beers in the FoamTac tent at NEAT after not winning the plane I wanted at the Hobby King tent auction. I was passing the Flex Innovations (FI) tent on the way back to my club's spot on the flight line and decided to stop. I had money....Continue Reading
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Rick Wardrop (choo choo...) wrote a Comparison of the Vector to a Guardian. Excellent read. See attachment.
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The attached sheets are not really full product reviews. They are written for fliers familiar with the Eagle Tree Guardian. The basic assumption is how the subject device compares to a Guardian for the line-of-sight fixed wing sport flying for which the Guardian was designed. Only features relevant to that application are included. The Vector, for example has many FPV and multirotor features that have no counterpart in a Guardian or this type of flying so these are not covered.
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It's Gona Be HOT !

We are talking Bush Fire Hot !
Tire Melting Hot !
My radiator just blew up HOT !

Yes , the next few days are going to be smouldering !
Going back a few days I re-visited my V911 Wing ..
In a Nutshell it bites ..
Just a rubbish design ( DIY ) ..

That means I have a spare V911 board to play with
So with some seriously , seriously warm weather on the way .
I started a 480mm V911 glider .

I figure since I will be trapped behind Air conditioning for a few days , I have some time to kill . Eeeer or maybe time to build another glider !
So I got myself a bit of a head start ...
Got the hollowing out done , as it needed to be done outside over the rubbish bin ..
Everything else can be done inside ...

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Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone has accross this issues and may offer suggestions. I bought a new UPAir One drone but doesn't seem to find any Satellites. Any suggestions on how to fix?
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Key Features

● Ultra Durable Design and Construction

● High-Quality FRP Main Blades

● Carbon Fiber & CNC Metal Frame Construction

● Full Body EPP Foam Fuselage

● Quiet Direct Drive Power System

● Long Flight Times

● Easily Accessible Electronics

● The long list of upgrades & option parts


Here we come! The brand new Beam 500 E5 ARCHON.
This 500 size electric helicopter is one of a kind! With a newly designed frame, new head, none breakable main grips, tail housing addition, metal tail control system and metal tail servo mount (using NEW B611MG std servo for ultra power) and much more
This helicopter rocks. Reading
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The Taranis X-lite has been a very successful controller for FRSKY but it does not physically support use of the TBS crossfire module even though it is supported in Open TX software. The simple solution is this $8 adapter which I've reviewed below:

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Oh I have plans. Big plans. Lots of planes to build. I have lots of wood - thanks Captain! (and slow_flier).

Right now I am rebuilding the Shockwave. This is the build log -
I've had officially 3 maidens, but four crashes. The 3rd crash was really it lifting off the dolly that I was testing - the wind picked up and threw it off the dolly. The fourth crash was weird. The takeoff was smooth, at about 40 feet it flipped over on its back, did a quick 90 degree to port at 3 feet from the ground and crashed into our field fence. The wing was torn off. So was it the plane? Me?
To verify if it was me or not I bought an ARF of a T-28 1.2m size with flaps. So I can fly it but I have crashed it four times, trying odd things.

Next on the list is the Harvard that I started in 2016. I had to stop. This is an old plan, heavily build and beyond my abilities. However I have a few #11s under my belt now so I will get back onto this build. First I am rebuilding the wing from the beginning. So many compromises were made, that it can't be right. The fuselage will be dremelled out. Super thick heavy wood used - gonna lighten this as best as possible. It was designed for gas, but this will be electrocuted. This one will be modelled to the one my father-in-law flew in as a passenger.

I have a Proctor Enterprise Nieuport 28C kit; bought opened, never built. This will take 3 years or so.

Two Dehavilland Vampire...Continue Reading
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Compiled my build of OpenTX 2.2.3 for Jumper T12 with the alternative navigation patched.

The firmware’s are available on GitHub in my Fork of OpenTX:
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Wow, it's been a while since I've posted here. Let's bring things up to date. As many may know, I operated 3D-Styx for the last several years. Its been a fun ride and I've met a lot of fantastic people along the way. Unfortunately, it seems the Drone Racing market has come to an almost complete end for the manufacture of 3D printed parts and add-ons. So, back in July my wife and I did an analysis of the business and came to the conclusion to close the retail side along with consulting and principle sides of the business. On January 1st we closed the retail side and now on January 31st, we will close the contract side of the business. This frees up both my time and my wife's time. She did all the packing and mailing keeping our eBay rating 100%. Now I have time to spend in different areas along with my wife. I'd like to thank all my customers for all your support. Again, it's been one heck of a fun, wild ride.
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Most interesting was the double hull idea & that it was never proposed before, which probably means it was proposed before but didn't work. A lot of money & people were invested in carbon fiber rockets for the last 100 years for stainless steel to be that easy. It's a case where the heavy, expensive carbon fiber could be the tried & true solution while the shiny stainless steel could be the risky solution.

He claimed to be on his own in promoting stainless steel, which revives the ages old debate on whether sole visionary leaders or large teams contribute more to progress. We may never know how much of Apple & SpaceX were really contributed by their sole visionary leaders or their lowly employees.
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I just bought the new FMS Super cub 1700mm and I wanted to tow my ka-8 with it, I just need a tow release on the cub just in case something goes wrong! Now, this super cub is all foam, and I don’t want to cut a lot of the foam out to put in a tow release, so if anyone knows about a small tow release for a tow plane, please share! There is also not too much room in the inside behind the hatch.
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Ive been milling some parts for a customer and I was wondering if people would be interested in a limited run of CF hardware?

Kits would be similar to my old ones but cut from .030 plate, The .020 plates I use to use are no longer available to me.
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Frsky 2.4G 16CH ACCST Taranis Q X7S Transmitter Mode 2 M7 Gimbal Wireless Trainer Free Link RC Drone in Banggood
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Hey... I am pretty new to sailplanes, and I would like to get a taste of all aspects of gliding, does anyone have any recommendations for a decent sized tow plane that won’t cost me a fortune?
Posted by Jack V. | Jan 21, 2019 @ 11:22 PM | 927 Views
Hey... does anyone know about or selling scale sailplanes that don’t break the bank, but are decently large? I do not want to do any building, and I want to Aerotow it.
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A spot for questions about the new Pitts...