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Posted by 1nspectorGadget | Apr 13, 2017 @ 10:12 AM | 5,452 Views
Syma X5UW Altitude Hold Wifi FPV Unboxing Full Review and Flight Test (34 min 21 sec)

I have always been a big fan of Syma's quadcopters. I already owned three of them before this new addition and it has quickly become my new recommendation for beginning pilots. This thing looks really cool with the candy apple red paint job and chrome flourishes and the controller has taken queues from the DJI Phantom. This quad is packed with all of the features/functions you could want: altitude hold, wifi FPV, headless mode, auto-takeoff, auto-land, and comes with two batteries. The camera records in 720p and takes 2MP photos. I really like this quadcopter and has the quality I have come to expect out of Syma. Here's a breakdown of PROS and CONS:

-Tons of features
-Average flight time of 8-minutes (over 9 minutes 40 seconds w/o WiFi and 7 minutes 45 seconds with WiFi)
-Two batteries
-On/Off switch
-Solid feeling controller
-Auto-takeoff and land
-Altitude hold is solid
-Headless mode actually works well
-The quadcopter auto-lands when losing connection to the controller
-Syma Go app can control the quadcopter and allows it to be flown using your phone's accelerometer

-The quadcopter is light so does not handle strong winds very well
-Vibrations cause jello in the camera's video footage
-Can't use Syma X5C batteries

Overall, I recommend this as a great starter quadcopter. It is easy to fly and has all of the features one could want in a toy grade quadcopter.

Please refer to the video review for unboxing, setup, and flight test/demonstrations. The video is lengthy but thorough. Sections breakdown as follows:
0:00 Unboxing and Overview
4:40 Controller Demonstration
9:10 Flight Test w/o WiFi (windy day)
19:34 Flight Test with WiFi (very little wind)
23:50 Failsafe Demonstration: What Happens When Connection is Lost from the Controller