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Posted by Bob Marley | Apr 09, 2015 @ 02:15 PM | 16,859 Views
So finally, after three months of researching and deciding to get the I1, then reading a zillion pages of feedback/bs, I ordered my Inspire1, A version, (and it finally showed up today). I have learned sooooo much about this bird, (without ever having touched one), and have been DYING to get my hands on this thing! So I unpacked a bunch of stuff tonight, tablets, laptop, cinimizers, truth meter/connectors, new strings for my guitars, ooops - and the I1 of course -

OK, multiple choice question ......... After opening the I1 and checking that I had everything, having read a zillion pages ........

What was the 1st thing I did ???

a) - download the Pilot app
b) - fully charge the batteries
c) - read the manual
d) - turn on both radio and I1 and see if they link
e) - locate info concealing wire and cut it

The correct answer of course is e. I could not wait to find that thing, then chop it in two!
After reading about 100m charge times, and being told NOT to charge both Radio and lipo pack at the same time, I just had to get at the truth right away!
Here is a pic of the fabled beast, (I'm sure you will all recognize it).

And now ...... "Take that!" POS, hider of info, Now I cut you, one left side, one right side!.................................... "Hey dude, you just VOIDED your warrantee" - eye roll lol

I know most of you can cut/paste, this is the same thing, it's easy, cut/solder &...Continue Reading