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Posted by pittsartist | Jan 25, 2017 @ 01:14 PM | 6,221 Views
A lifetime RC modeller talks about state of the art fullsize design - interesting stuff !

GB1 GameBirdWhy do modern aerobatic aircraft look the way they do?With an RC model, you´ve got endless options: engine, size, weight, shapes, all can be as you want. It takes an idea, some work and off you go. Best way to learn and to try new things.Model aerobatics are clearly leading the way, at least in Freestyle.Add people to flying machines, and the amount of options for designers gets less:There are pretty much only 2 engines to choose from if the machine is supposed to have sufficient performance for unlimited competition (Lycoming AEIO 580 and M14 radial).Persons require space, add weight and come in all shapes and sizes (but pay, so make sure they feel comfortable sitting in the airplane!) Cockpit design and ergonomics and engine choice are pretty much the starting point. Once you´ve decided how many people (one or two) should be propelled through the box by which engine, the rest is a matter of how many you want to sell and to whom, size of the development budget, plus talent, experience and persistence.It is also important to make sure the design can be produced economically and that the design meets whatever regulations apply so that it may legally fly.I’ve been working at Game Composites the last two and a half years. At Game Composites I have the privilege of working with the best team I could wish for. Building the team is one of the key factors to make such a long and...Continue Reading