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Posted by taz101 | Feb 17, 2013 @ 01:54 AM | 16,030 Views
Well this is my first blog on RCGroups.
I have been asked buy a number of people about my PVC Pipe Stands I use on my planes and boats.
So I use PVC Pipes and joiners to make my work stands and also for storage and also for transporting my planes.
So in this first post I will put some photos of my work stands and what I make them with!
I start with a cross piece or an X piece if you like.
I then cut four lengths of pipe (in this case 25mm diameter) to the lengths that you need to make the bottom of the ends.
In the ones in photos you can see I made them 11" long. Now remember the longer you make these the higher the stand will be, but also wider.
I then glue these with PVC glue to the X's.
I then cut two lengths of pipe for the length of the stand I want. In this case I made them 25" long.
Then I grab four 90 degree elbow joiners an place them on the ends of the long pipes(not glued) to help line everything up. I then glue the other ends of the elbow joints. So hope fully everything now lines up.
Once the glue has dried I take the long pipes off again just to make it easier to work with the end pieces.
I then cut another four pieces of PVC (8"in this case) to the length you want to hold the fuselage or wings of your plane. Then glue these to the top half of your ends. I then put four caps on the ends of these four pieces to cap the end (this is not a necessity). I also use rubber insulation pipe over these to protect the plane against the hard...Continue Reading