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Posted by DWWPilot | Apr 29, 2010 @ 11:01 PM | 4,095 Views
This is my personal notes from Thread: RC Goups|New Product|ParkZone BF-109G

Knowing that was my purpose in reading this humoungous thread end to end was to see what it could teach me before assembling and flying my PZ 109, and knowing I wouldn't remember much when done or what was where, and searching has limitations, I cut and pasted tidbits of interest to me along the way into a text file. The text file includes links, it is not scrubbed, I did not credit the authors (well, on occasion), it is not all inclusive, it's just cuts and pastes of what I thought was interesting and only intended for me originally. There is some duplication but I did that knowingly to emphasize certain remarks, and sometimes I just didn't realize it (WYSIWYG). I pasted each new enty on top of the previous therefore the older material is at the bottom. The very top was set aside for special topics with links.

I thank everbody who provided information in the thread. They are the real hero's with their creative ideas, their loses, and their willingnes to share with us all. And may the PZ German pilots lost in action rest in peace. Yes, there was also shared humor.

So here you go:

================================================== ================================================== ================================================== =



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